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In Synergetic, classes refer to both timetabled academic classes and co-curricular classes and activities such as sport, music or drama. This session covers how to create and manage these activities, schedule staff and mark attendances for these lessons

Target Audience

This course is designed for users new to the maintenance of Co-Curricular classes

Learning Outcomes

This course allows participants to:

  • Create, set up and configure co-curricular program data and lookup tables for sports (same rules apply for performing arts (musicals), and cadets)
  • Set up co-curricular subject classes (groups) and categories
  • Understand and apply co-curricular terminology (e.g. file type, cycle)
  • Maintain co-curricular details
  • Allocate and manage students & staff to sport groups, teams etc.
  • Schedule sport events such as training sessions and matches
  • Mark sport attendance
  • Manage student electives for co-curricular classes