Synergetic provides for the recording of student and staff medical details and allows different users to have variable levels of access to this information. Synergetic also has the facility to record medical incidents (e.g. sick bay visits) including admission and discharge times and integrates this information into timetables and attendance/absence functions.

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  • 03 May
    4 hours, 30 minutes, 12:30 PM AEST - 05:00 PM AEST
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    This session covers how Medical Maintenance and Incidents can be used to store medical information in Synergetic

    Target Audience

    This courses is aimed at users involved with the recording and maintenance of medical data and incidents for students and/or staff.

    Learning Outcomes

    This course will enable participants to:

    • Locate the specific tabs used in Synergetic that relate to recording medical information.
    • Understand the public health alert icon and be able to locate the public health alert message. 
    • Locate the detailed medical information area.
    • Create a medical incident in Synergetic.
    • Record the Sign In and Sign Out times for a medical incident.
    • Understand how medical incidents are integrated with students’ timetables and class attendances. 
    • Find and edit the lookup tables relevant to medical information and incidents.
    • Run Crystal Reports relevant to the medical area