We value customer feedback at Education Horizons and want you to have a say in how our products can be improved to meet your school’s needs.

Sign up to our research panel and you’ll be the first port of call when we are trying to better understand how schools manage things like fees, wellbeing, communicating with parents and much more.

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We use the ‘double diamond’ approach when designing new products and features:

That means continuously making improvements based on the feedback we receive.

1. We start by understanding the needs of our customers. That involves asking a lot of questions, such as ‘what are the problems you are trying to solve?’, ‘what’s taking up too much time?’, ‘are there complicated workarounds you’ve devised to support specific workflows?’

2. Then, we figure out what we can do to improve things. We prioritise the most important problems to solve and consider lots of potential solutions. We keep exploring until we have a few options that we think might work.

3. At that point, it’s time to test. We create prototypes and put them in front of users so we can figure out what’s working well, and what still needs work. We narrow things down and keep testing and iterating until we’ve landed on a solution that is right for our customers.

This approach means we’re constantly looking for school staff who are willing to participate in research. For example, we regularly seek out teachers, school administrators and school business managers. We use all kinds of methods to collect feedback, including surveys, interviews and usability testing.

The feedback we get is incredibly valuable and helps us make important decisions about how our products should work. But we know that your time is valuable too – so if you participate in an in-depth interview or user testing session with us, you’ll usually receive a gift card from us as thanks for your time.