Improving attendance and streamlining academic reporting in one system

Carey Baptist, a progressive K-12 school with more than 1650 students across their Harrisdale and Forrestdale campuses, implemented SEQTA in 2009, starting with pastoral care aspects in their first year and attendance tools the second.

Prior to implementing SEQTA, Carey, which does’t use sirens or bells for the start or end of periods, was finding that many classes, particularly after recess and lunch breaks, were late in starting as a result of student tardiness.

As it happened, Carey’s attendance records were audited by the Department of Education shortly after implementation, with Principal, Rowan Clark, recalling the auditor’s first reactions to the SEQTA system.

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After seeing the attendance records and the SEQTA attendance system, the auditor commented that this was the best live attendance system he had seen in a school. He was not only impressed by the system itself, but also commented that this was the first time he had audited a school that had all of its absences resolved for the day of the audit.

Rowan Clark

Principal - Department of Education

All modules within SEQTA Teach integrate seamlessly, providing powerful tools for the tracking of all aspects of a student’s school life. When following up students who have been late to class, schools can not only produce high quality reports on a patterns of lateness, but have the ability to quickly add details of any interviews, follow-ups, or parent contact that may have occurred. Attendance data can be easily cross-referenced with behaviour, academic and correspondence records, providing the school with a deeper understanding of what’s truly going on.

Assistant Principal Tony Severin, who was instrumental in leveraging SEQTA’s information-rich system to address tardiness, recalls the smooth implementation process Carey experienced with SEQTA.

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The key to successful implementation was ensuring that the work on process and procedures was done well before the implementation date. Teachers were trained and the administration staff were up-skilled well in advance of day one. SEQTA provided us with excellent support throughout – from assisting us with drafting policy through to putting a staff member on the ground during the first week of implementation. I don’t think any software implementation could be smoother.

Tony Severin

Assistant Principal