A better way to manage students’ special needs

The ability to quickly identify students’ medical conditions and special needs is among SEQTA’s most valuable features, according to teaching staff at Carmel School.

SEQTA’s indicators and information-rich interfaces enable teachers, at a glance, to see if a child has a special condition and understand what is required to address it, should the need arise.

This proactively is a direct result of SEQTA’s comprehensive wellbeing system, which delivers critical information to SEQTA Teach’s most commonly-used screens, removing the need for users to ‘search’ for information.

A red dot in the attendance roll, for example, immediately indicates that a child has a special condition. Hovering over the red dot shows the details of the condition, while a click loads corresponding information in the adjacent Student Information Panel.

SEQTA also features a secure file storage system, enabling schools to store important documents that teachers may need to access, such as medical recommendations, individualised learning programs or psychologists’ reports. Files can be marked as sensitive and restricted to staff with sufficient access permissions, mitigating risk while protecting confidentiality.

Dean Shadgett, Head of Secondary at Carmel School, said entering student plans into SEQTA is a priority for he and his staff.

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Previously, we used printed documents that ultimately ended up on gathering dust on teachers’ shelves. Keeping them up to date was a never-ending task. Now I simply keep the student plans up to date on SEQTA, and as teachers mark their rolls, they can see a green dot next to the students’ names. When they click on the green dot, the student plan is displayed. SEQTA has made it easy to put up-to-the minute information in teachers’ hands about the management of students’ special needs.

Dean Shadgett

Head of Secondary at Carmel School

Now in cases where a child is anaphylactic, has a mild auditory processing disorder, is clinically depressed, or has an attention deficit disorder, Carmel can confidently cover the associated risks thanks to SEQTA’s comprehensive wellbeing functionality.