Everything a teacher needs in a day

Good Shepherd Lutheran College in Darwin began its SEQTA journey back in 2014. At the time, we were looking for a platform that would provide one place where we could hold everything a teacher in a school needs in one day. 

Student information – check. Parent contact details – check. Curriculum planning – check.

Student results – check. All this and more, we found in SEQTA.

When signing on, we made the decision to implement the SEQTA system incrementally. Doing it this way allowed our teachers to become familiar with different aspects of the program before being supported to move on to the next. SEQTA has provided us a place for collaborative planning, a place where teachers can give quick and easily accessible feedback to students and parents and a place where teachers have a variety of information on students available.

We’re now at a point where we can begin to refine our units of work as the work from one year can be easily moved to the next. Teachers are empowered to reflect and refine, rather than needlessly re-create.

Like any school we had our fast adopters who are using all aspects of the program to its fullest potential, and others who are more hesitant. The ease-of-use allows encourages those who are less confident to ‘have a go’. There’s no doubt we’re still at the beginning of our SEQTA journey, but the possibilities we see in this system are exciting and spur us on.

Elsabe Bott, Head of Studies

Good Shepherd Lutheran College