John Curtin College of the Arts advocates for the power of SEQTA to design best practice pedagogy that supports student engagement

Using Education Horizon’s Learning Management System, SEQTA, has made it easier for our teachers and school leaders to understand each student’s level of engagement in areas including personal, social, and academic.

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The SEQTA LMS platform allows us to engage effectively with the students in a way that makes sense to them, the system is underpinned by good pedagogical practice.

Camilla Coverley

Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching, John Curtin College of the Arts

In particular, the Marks Book functionality allows student expectations and reflections to be captured, which supports student agency and ownership of learning and then teachers can easily record and track student progress on an individual level.

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With the integration of the marks book, teachers can gain a greater understanding of what’s happening across the whole school, allowing teachers to see their own marks and those of colleagues so they can gain an understanding of who the student is and how they’re performing across all their subjects. The capacity to see all student’s marks and get that student snapshot of their academic achievement is powerful

Camilla Coverley

Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching


SEQTA helps educators know and understand each student, to deeply engage with their learning every day, and has been designed to support best practice pedagogy in schools.

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In terms of what we’re looking at with pedagogy, we like to think about this in three key phases and SEQTA provides support for each of these. In the preparing for learning phase, it’s about knowing your students and being able to therefore differentiate effectively and design lessons to meet the needs of the students that are in your classroom. There are then the strategies for learning, using different approaches within the classroom and using variety in the classroom. One way SEQTA supports this is by providing the capacity to bring in blended learning to incorporate with their other practices. And the third crucial component is feedback, so the reflection on assessments, the release of feedback prior to results and those sorts of things that are really desirable in that context.

Camilla Coverley

Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching

The school has received the highest commendation from the Deputy Director General, Melesha Sands from the Department of Education WA stating:

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…The commitment you and your staff have for the ‘whole child’ is commendable. Further, the priority placed on wellbeing whilst still maintaining high levels of academic excellence guided through creativity, has created conditions in which your students are thriving.

Melesha Sands

Deputy Director General

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SEQTA, from Education Horizons, is the leading teaching and learning support system, providing the most powerful integrated set of tools to understand and drive student engagement for learning. To understand more about how SEQTA could benefit your school watch our 3-minute tour on Student Expectations.

About John Curtin College of the Arts

John Curtin College of the Arts is one of the first Independent Public Schools in Western Australia. Currently, there are 1843 students enrolled from Year 7 to Year 12. The college has been acknowledged through various awards for its achievements, including being awarded the WA Education Award – WA Secondary School of the Year in 2016 and the Governor’s School STEM1 Award for Leadership Excellence in 2017. A range of specialised curriculum is provided for Gifted and Talented (GAT) students including academic, ballet, dance, drama, media arts, music, music theatre, visual arts and a specialist football program.