Our outstanding SEQTA implementation experience

In searching for a Learning Management System, we looked at a range of different systems. It was obvious from the beginning that SEQTA was the standout product. When using the software, it is very evident SEQTA has been designed by educators for educators. The workflow is very efficient, fast and sympathetic to the needs and pressures experienced by staff during the course of their work. Additionally, the features of the product are very deep and suitable both for staff who wish to include very detailed planning and lesson content, as well as those staff who wish only to include the basic details.

One of our key reasons we moved to SEQTA was that it offered an ‘all in one’ solution. Every feature of the product has been carefully considered to enable a smooth and efficient workflow for staff who are not necessarily experts in digital systems. The ability to mark an attendance roll whilst simultaneously entering pastoral notifications and accessing special student alerts has been very enthusiastically received by staff. We are so impressed that the product allows for the complete planning, teaching and reporting of student progress whilst seamlessly integrating with products such as OneNote Class Notebook, OneDrive, and TurnItIn. It just works!

From the time that we signed on to begin implementing SEQTA, the support has been phenomenal. It is clear that this company has very solid and well-established processes to support schools and the scale of queries and demands that come with implementing a Learning Management System.

As part of the implementation product, the first goal was to establish data flow between systems. The SEQTA Implementation team were an absolute delight to work with. Queries and issues were handled with ease and the large pool of expertise within the team has meant that we were able to achieve full implementation in a very short space of time – contract signing to staff use within 10 weeks! The product has been made flexible enough to handle the complexities of sub-schools with different timetables and reporting requirements, whilst allowing for a common interface that staff joining us from other schools have been able to adopt with ease.

A requirement for us to moving between Learning Management Systems was the ability for SEQTA to migrate our existing pastoral note history from our previous Learning Management System. Again, the SEQTA staff were so accommodating of our needs whilst demonstrating their ability to understand the nuances of the educational context by making us aware of both technical and educational impacts that certain information visibility settings could have. SEQTA clearly understands the legislative obligation that schools have. It is now so convenient for us to have all of our pastoral information in one place.

The training that is included as part of the implementation package is very comprehensive with training for all of the specific areas of the software delivered directly to the key users. This means that the knowledge of the product has quickly spread across the organisation. We were delighted to see the speed at which the staff began to take ownership of the software. It is great to see that there is much higher-level training available, so we can deepen our knowledge of the product.

The support of a local School Relationship Manager here in Adelaide means that help is only a phone call or an email away but the ability for physical presence on site is very reassuring.

The product itself is continually evolving. With updates rolling out every calendar month, it is exciting to see what is coming next. The future updates around interface upgrades and syllabus migration are demonstrative of what we see as an agile and responsive company that we are pleased to be associated with.

In summary, we are very pleased with our decision to choose SEQTA as a product. The support throughout the implementation process was outstanding, and I would highly recommend this product to any school wishing to improve the way that student information and learning is managed in this digital age. Nazareth Catholic College looks forward to a long and fruitful partnership with SEQTA.

James Tran, ICT Coordinator

Nazareth Catholic College