Quayside Isle (QuIPS) is a small preparatory school in Singapore, Southeast Asia with a current enrolment of 48 Early Years students.

The problem – how to move from hard copy filing to a centralised student information platform

QuIPS had all their essential student, family and staff data in hard copy filing systems which was inefficient and time consuming to compile reports, compliance information, and find essential student data when required. 

A key challenge for QuIPS was creating a central area for all their data and improving accuracy and efficiency. For example, QuIPS captured enrolment details and attendance with pen and paper via a hard copy filing system so when it came to reporting and compliance, there was a huge data aggregation effort of hard copy files and individual spreadsheets on local computers which became a lengthy and tedious task to consolidate all the information together. 

QuIPS identified they needed one student information platform that could sit at the core of the school. It needed to be easy to use and modern to ensure all their data could ‘go digital’They needed to capture all the essential details of each student for a range of uses from timetabling, wellbeing, medical, custody and then report on it quickly and easily for compliance obligations and academic reports.

The solution

QuIPS partnered with Education Horizons to implement Zunia, our new cloud-native Student Information Platform, to take their school into the digital age.

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Zunia has modernised our school and taken it into the digital age. We’re a small preparatory school in Asia and we needed one system to manage all our school administration & operations with limited staff. Zunia has transformed our compliance reporting process as we can now download an ECDA compliant report in a few clicks, saving us hours of manual work.

Claire Michael

Director of Learning - Quayside Isle Preparatory School

Meeting compliance requirements

In addition, it was incredibly important to have a system that met school compliance requirements in Asia, as Claire explains:

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We believe in the Zunia Platform to support our school now and into the future. The Education Horizons team have been fantastic with their knowledge of the Asian market, solutions suitable for us and the ease and speed of implementation.

Claire Michael

Director of Learning - Quayside Isle Preparatory School

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