Creating the ideal learning administration system

Integrating SEQTA with existing systems to provide a complete administration solution was crucial to meet growing needs.

Scotch College and Presbyterian Ladies’ College undertook a challenging and thorough process to determine which learning administration system would best suit their needs.

In addition to being comprehensive, easy-to-use and web-based, the desired product had to include attendance, behaviour management, correspondence, excursions, lesson planning, assessment, marks books, academic reporting, individual education plans, and online learning. It also had to integrate seamlessly with their school administration system, Synergetic.

Student feedback

We had very specific needs and had been working with another company to develop a solution to meet those needs”, recalls Anna Hu, Director of Information and Learning Technologies for both Scotch College and Presbyterian Ladies’ College. “Development was slower than expected, however, and when we saw the SEQTA Suite, it quickly became obvious that SEQTA not only met our needs, but had the potential to significantly reduce teachers’ workloads.

The schools required a product that provided transparency of data, putting actionable information into the hands of teachers and admin staff to develop student/parent awareness, identify intervention needs, meet compliance requirements and provide comprehensive online learning functionality.

The fact that the SEQTA Suite comprised a solution that comprehensively covered the needs of teachers, admin staff, school executive, parents and students was a key consideration in the decision making process.

Having looked at so many products over a number of years, perhaps the most impressive thing about the SEQTA Suite is just how easy it is to use. Many of the screens are self-explanatory and require little or no training. While most of our teachers are very technically literate, it’s a major plus that very little professional development is required.

Parent feedback