Introducing the Education Horizons Group Client Engagement Team.

The renewed focus on exceptional customer service and engagement has seen the SEQTA SRM and Synergetic Account Management Teams merge to a single Client Engagement Team.

A point of difference for Education Horizons Group clients is that each client is assigned a Client Engagement Specialist (CES).

Not sure who your Client Engagement Specialist is?  Click Here to be connected to them.

Key areas where the
Client Engagement team help:


Championing your school’s requests and ensuring they’re dealt with efficiently and effectively.


Guiding you to the correct person or department to provide an effective and timely solution.


Keeping you in the loop with relevant company, product and service news.


Identifying ways that EHG may assist your school in achieving its strategic growth.


Identifying areas for potential improvement to EHG Products and Services at your school.


Providing insights and direction to help you get the most out of our products, professional services and support opportunities.

Client Engagement Specialist (CES)

The purpose of the Client Engagement team is to establish, build, and maintain positive relationships and interactions with our clients, with a commitment to help them succeed every day.

The aim of your Client Engagement Specialist (CES) is to empower you to succeed in your journey with us. As your single point of contact, your CES will be your guide and facilitator within Education Horizons Group to ensure that your relationship with the organisation is positive and beneficial, and that you make full use of our products and services.

Our commitment to our clients

One consolidated team of Client Engagement Specialists

A Framework that better supports and service our clients

Matching schools to the best resource possible based on region or requirements

A single touch point for all Education Horizons Group solutions at your school

An ongoing commitment to help clients succeed every day!