Education Horizons Group CEO and Managing Director, Tim Dawson (left), welcomes OMNILINK Managing Director, David Bruce, to the Group

Property data mapping and related consulting services can now be found among Education Horizon Group’s (EHG) diverse list of offerings, with property and location data experts, OMNILINK, formally joining the fast-growing education technology group last week.

The arrangement affords clients of EHG subsidiaries (Synergetic Management Systems, SEQTA Software, SchoolPRO and myEd), with an opportunity to visually map and consolidate their underground service plans, room and building details and key asset information, through a trusted, EHG-owned partner company.

OMNILINK boasts almost 30 years’ expertise in the acquisition, collation and management of data for Government, Education, and corporates within Australia, New Zealand, and more recently, the United Kingdom and Ireland. The company’s solutions – which include property and asset mapping, student location tracking and bus route planning – have direct benefit to the K-12 marketspace which EHG and its subsidiaries share.

The deal is particularly significant for Synergetic, which has enjoyed a successful strategic partnership with OMNILINK for many years.

EHG Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Tim Dawson, said that while the deal is a terrific outcome for both EHG and OMNILINK from a business standpoint, clients will be the real winners.

“OMNILINK’s product offerings, particularly their property information software (AssetWhereTM), and student geolocation system (StudentWhereTM), are highly complementary to Synergetic’s powerful school administration management capabilities and are extremely valuable to K-12 schools.”

“This acquisition is strategically important to EHG, in that it demonstrates that EHG is a platform to acquire and consolidate the K-12 EdTech sector in Australia.”

“I’m confident that clients will be interested to see how OMNILINK’s unique software and services can add value to their schools.”

OMNILINK Managing Director, David Bruce, echoed Mr Dawson’s sentiments, labelling the partnership as a “win-win situation” for both EHG and OMNILINK.

“OMNILINK has always been a strong business and now with the backing and extra resources of EHG behind us, we’re really excited for the next phase in our journey.”

“I really think we bring something special to EHG. Our expertise adds another string to the group’s bow and sits beautifully among EHG’s range of software and services for K-12 schools.”

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Education Horizons Group (EHG) is the largest wholly Australian-owned K-12 school management, teaching and learning software company that truly empowers school administration staff and teachers to complete their work efficiently and effectively. EHG pairs world-class school management provider, Synergetic Management Systems, with award-winning teaching and learning management developer, SEQTA Software, to offer schools an end-to-end software solution.


OMNILINK is a successful property and location data management company, which has provided enterprise data management and integration services to clients for nearly 30 years. The company has developed specific expertise and skills in the acquisition, collation and management of data for Government, Education, and Business. OMNILINK has offices across Australia and New Zealand and is now working with new customers in the UK and Ireland.