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EHG to expand its education technology business with myEdOnline

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Education Horizons Group (EHG), Australia’s leading K-­12 school administration, teaching and learning software company, is pleased to announce that myEdOnline has joined the group with EHG now owning a majority stake in the company. myEdOnline is an innovative, differentiated learning software provider that complements EHG’s existing product offerings.

In the past year, the mutually beneficial partnership and subsequent joint development efforts between myEdOnline and EHG subsidiary, SEQTA Software, have laid the cornerstone for an expansion of myEdOnline’s capabilities, allowing it to deeply integrate with the SEQTA Suite and other school systems.

myEdOnline’s powerful mass-­scale personalised learning platform combined with the SEQTA Suite offers schools the broadest and deepest set of teaching and learning tools available.

EHG CEO & Managing Director, Tim Dawson, said myEdOnline adds a new dimension to EHG’s offerings, whether integrating with existing software, operating as an extension to other school systems or being utilised as a standalone product.

“We’re very pleased to partner with such an innovative company in myEdOnline. Their personalised learning software perfectly complements our existing offerings and provides our clients with new opportunities to take their teaching and learning to the next level.”

Newly-­appointed myEdOnline CEO, Daniel Wolf-­Clark said, “The myEdOnline team and I are excited to be working with EHG, creating a world where students and teachers are empowered and individually challenged to reach their full potential.”

EHG Director Innovation and Product Strategy, Grant Grosser, said, “Daniel’s thinking about current and future pedagogy and how these can be supported by next generation learning tools is industry-­leading and we are so pleased to have the opportunity to work more closely with him as part of the group.”

“The very concept of myEdOnline is revolutionary. The fact that they’ve been able to solve the generational problem of differentiation with such a simple and beautiful process is amazing.

“The opportunities this affords us as a group are vast, but better still, the opportunities it affords our clients are game-­changing,” he said.

Outgoing myEdOnline CEO, Rowan Kunz and co-­founder Yohan Dantan said that while they will be transitioning to other ventures, they are excited for the opportunities myEdOnline has with the depth of expertise that incoming CEO Daniel Wolf-­Clark and the EHG Group bring.

myEdOnline is currently utilised in schools across Australia, guiding more than 35,000 students in their own personal learning journeys.

Media contacts:

  • Daniel Wolf-­Clark /
    Chief Executive Officer, myEdOnline
  • Tim Dawson /
    CEO and Managing Director, Education Horizons Group

About Education Horizons Group (EHG):

Education Horizons Group (EHG) is the largest wholly Australian-­owned K-­12 school management, teaching and learning software company that truly empowers school administration staff and teachers to complete their work efficiently and effectively. EHG pairs world-­class school management provider, Synergetic Management Systems, with award-­winning teaching and learning management developer, SEQTA Software, to offer schools an end-­to-­end software solution.

Daniel Wolf-­Clark, CEO, myEdOnline:

Daniel is a passionate teacher who has held a range of leadership roles in both Primary and Secondary School settings. He is the designer of myEdAppOnline, an app used by 35,000 students and teachers to create personalised learning journeys. Daniel works with schools across Australia and internationally to empower educators to better utilise technology to Differentiate, Individualise and Personalise learning, with the ultimate goal of creating greater opportunities for students to become more self-­driven in their learning.