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Engage – the perfect alternative to iSAMS

If you’re on the hunt for the right school management software, it can be hard to know which one best suits your school. With so many systems out there, where do you start?

In some cases, you may already use iSAMS and are considering switching to Engage.

Choosing the Right School Management Information System

Engage is the world’s premium cloud-based school management information system by Education Horizons. Developed in the UK and available globally, Engage provides a fully comprehensive offering where everything is in one place for the whole team across academic, admissions, finance, and accounting to administrative, well-being and learning functions. In fact, it is the only school-wide software suite for independent schools globally.

It includes all the functionality in one system, so if you do not want to purchase additional solutions to integrate into your core system, then Engage could be right for you.

Engage is investing for the future with recent user interface and navigation development to make it a world-class user experience, combined with comprehensive features, all in one system.

Engage home page staff screen
Engage Parent Portal on iPhone

Engage and iSAMS are both cloud-based school information management systems

This means information and functions are accessible to your staff anytime, anywhere, on any device. Updates and maintenance are managed seamlessly with no system interruptions.

Engage is hosted entirely within the Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure to ensure exceptional levels of service and security. Because the AWS service is not pinned to one specific data centre, Engage comes with the flexibility of being served from whichever AWS hosting location best suits your needs, with no impact on your IT resources.

One-stop shop vs multiple integrations

Think of Engage as a one-stop shop that offers central document management, marketing, operations, teaching and learning, finance, parent engagement, reporting and insights – all in one place.

It effortlessly links admissions, academic and administrative departments, daily teaching, learning and activities operations, and financial performance in one ecosystem. Teachers, staff, parents and students can enjoy unique communication and workflow tools designed to ensure daily operations are streamlined, simple and trackable – not to mention Engage makes communication between teams and users seamless.

The value Engage delivers as a single vendor, single system makes it a very competitive and cost-effective solution for schools. There’s no need for the added complexities and cost of multiple integrations or complex relationships with third parties.

When you do want to integrate with other services we have you covered too with an easy-to-comprehend API (interface for third parties) and no hidden penalties.

With Engage, everything is now in one place – we have a single source of truth for all student information, parent communication and finance management. This coupled with the security features increases our confidence and value for money with Engage. Engage is POPI compliant and helps us share student information to the right people at the right time.

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IT Manager
Deutsche Internationale Schule

Assessments Class Marksheet in Engage

Whole-school analytics and insights

Because all essential school information is in one place, Engage provides full visibility of whole-school performance analytics and insights at the click of a button.

You can use dynamic reporting, custom dashboards and a range of visualisation options to translate a wealth of data into valuable knowledge and insights – financial reporting, enrolments, growth, or other performance metrics.

Software and support that adapts to your needs

Available for schools worldwide, Engage is backed by a global team of training, implementation and support staff.  

 But where it really stands out is how it can be adapted locally to the needs of each school. Engage is fully configurable to each school’s needs with customisable workflows, dashboards, reporting, and terminology. 

Trusted Partners

Because Engage is part of Education Horizons, a leading EdTech company serving more than 2000 schools and 3m users globally, you have access to more than 40 years’ experience working with independent and international schools at your fingertips. And you can be guaranteed to have a trusted partner in Education Horizons to ensure your education technology needs are met today and into the future.

We offer a comprehensive range of training packages and expert teams to help your school get the most out of your Engage software. There’s a dedicated knowledge library, support centre, video guides and more. Users are even invited to suggest new features and ideas in the Share Ideas portal, run by the development team, to ensure the software continues to help schools work more efficiently and effectively.

Engage cloud hosting

Over to you

Engage has everything your school needs in one place, but don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself – book a demo and explore the features and tools in your own time.

Talk to our team about the right solutions for your school.

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