With nearly 30 years’ industry experience, OMNILINK are experts in the acquisition, collation and management of information for Education, Government, and Business organisations.

Integrate your datasets to provide greater intelligence

Allow interaction with information on multiple levels

Inform and empower your organisation through cohesive data management

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“Buildings are so complex these days with the internet of things, everything is measured and managed and codes of practise for safety and the environment are so strict, you have to have a lot of facts and figures at your fingertips.”

Philip Gale
Facilities Manager, All Saints’ College, Perth

What we offer

AssetWhere® allows organisations to visualise property data such as underground services, room and building details and key asset information in a user friendly map-based system. OMNILINK works with you to collate, verify and present this critical information to help with operational issues and development decisions.

AssetWhere FM is a cloud based facilities management product that is configurable to suit organisations of all sizes and allows them to See, Plan and Do all in one integrated solution. Get work done faster by integrating the work flow and information access for all.

StudentWhere® is a business mapping application that visually consolidates student address information to provide school business managers with valuable insights which facilitate enrolment planning, demographic-sensitive marketing activities, and service offerings.

Education Horizon group and omnilink
Education Horizon background – teacher solution
Education Horizon background – staff solutions

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