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Is Project Horizon developing a cloud-based solution?

Yes, by developing this new solution solely in the Cloud there are significant benefits for schools.

There is a lot that has been written about the benefit of cloud based applications. This article by AWS provides a neat summary of the benefits. https://aws.amazon.com/what-is-cloud-computing/

In brief, Cloud hosting allows your school to benefit from the highest levels of security without having to invest heavily in infrastructure, and without compromising accessibility; Users can securely access their data from anywhere without putting pressure on your network. Your data will remain safely stored in Australia.

Project Horizon is being built with all the current cloud-first technologies which will allow Project Horizon to scale with your school’s or organisation’s needs.

The Cloud frees your school from the overhead of managing server storage, memory and CPU. System and software updates are also automatically taken care of. There is no additional overhead for redundancy, disaster recovery or backups.

How will this new solution integrate with other applications that are running at schools?

Project Horizon is being built with an open integration architecture. We feel that interoperability is key in modern systems. The new product will support integrations via SIF and we will be continuing our integration partnership with WONDE. This means if you already have applications integrated via WONDE, those integrations will continue to work in Project Horizon. The aim is to make your data as accessible as possible via modern API interfaces while continuing to provide rock solid data security.

What will happen to Synergetic, SEQTA and SchoolPRO when Project Horizon is released?

We are continuing to support and extend Synergetic, SEQTA, SchoolPRO, myEdOnline and OMNILINK. You can run those products with absolute confidence that the Group will provide support as we do today.

The development roadmaps can be discussed with your Account Manager / SRM.

Do you have pricing for this new solution?

We are yet to publish the pricing for the new product. We are working closely with schools to ensure the pricing structures offer both flexibility and value.

How will you support this new solution?

Education Horizons Group is restructuring to better support all of our clients. We will continue to support SchoolPRO, Synergetic, SEQTA, myEdOnline and OMNILINK with expert support personnel. In addition, we will be allocating an Account Manager to every school who will be able to provide assistance for all products available from the Education Horizons Group.

Each school is unique in its own right. How will the new product support individual requirements for schools?

The permissions and customisations in Project Horizon are incredibly granular by design. Schools can set permissions specific to each role down to which individual fields are visible or editable. Schools will also be able to change the labelling on many of these fields, such as being able to change “First name” to “Given name” on a form.

Why make a new product for schools in ANZ?

We are developing Project Horizon because schools need a modern, coherent platform that securely brings together and grows the proven services we have been offering for decades.

Education tech is one of the fastest growing and most rapidly changing sectors in the world today. But it is a sector marked by many small products with a niche focus on one area of school support. The Group’s new product will reflect our desire to change the market, and integrate the proven services we offer schools under one powerful system.

Project Horizon is our plan to re-platform the best of the proven services we offer across all of our existing products – in one secure integrated system including exciting new services and protections for schools. This will allow us to support every person in a school community to make the best decisions for their students – by securely getting the information they need exactly when they need it.

Project Horizon will therefore take the best of our proven service offerings, migrate them to the cloud, make it all mobile first, include some important new services and protections, and allow schools to seamlessly integrate with other solutions a school may choose to deploy.

What is the product going to called?

The development project has been working with the code name “Project Horizon”. The actual Product Name will be revealed in winter 2020. Watch out for the announcement!

What is the Scope of Project Horizon?

The project will deliver a totally new suite of software for K-12 schools. The scope includes School Management, Teaching and Learning, Finance, Payroll, HR, Community Collaboration and more. The solution will support individual schools and groups of schools that are managed as part of a hierarchy.

Project Horizon is using the latest Cloud services and technologies that will deliver a mobile first, secure, highly functional application that uses industry standards to support integration, analytics and Reporting.

The solution is designed to deliver an outstanding user experience on any device (Phone, Tablet, Laptop, PC, Mac, etc)

When will the product be available to buy?

We expect to offer the first release of the product in the summer of 2020.

Before then the product is being put through extensive development, testing and quality assurance processes. Senior representatives from a group of existing client schools have joined our ‘Design Lab Team’. These people will help to confirm that the functions offered by the product are aligned to schools’ needs and that the user experience matches schools’ expectations.

A pilot program will be running through the winter of 2020. These pilots will run in conjunction with a number of Australian schools. The pilots will allow the product to be tested and improved by evaluating it thoroughly in a simulated environment.

When should we consider a transition from SEQTA, SchoolPRO or Synergetic to this new product?

The best answer to this question is “When the time is right for your school”.

We are continuing to develop and support Synergetic, SEQTA, myEdOnline, SchoolPRO and OMNILINK. You can run those products with absolute confidence that the Group will provide support as we do today.

Project Horizon will create a solution that will offer a number of benefits and functions that will not be available from existing programs. Throughout 2020 and into 2021 we will be communicating more and more about the functionality, scope and user experience. You will be able to evaluate what is on offer with the new product and the benefits it would bring to your school. The timing for a transition to the new product will be your decision. There will be no forced migrations from Synergetic, SEQTA or SchoolPRO.

How can customers keep up to date with developments across Project Horizon?

The Project Horizon team will be publishing weekly Blogs and a Monthly Newsletter. You can subscribe to those communications here.

Our Account Management team are also available to field any questions you may have and connect you to the Project Horizon experts as required.

How would we transition from SEQTA or Synergetic to this new product?

In parallel to developing the new product we are working on the methodology, procedures and utilities to streamline the migration from Synergetic, SEQTA, myEdOnline or SchoolPRO.

We will be able to support schools with the expertise and services required to plan and execute the migration. Our professional services team will work closely with a school to prepare and support a process that considers the data migration, configuration, integrations, communication, reporting, training, go-live and support stages.

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