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The next chapter in education management

Project Horizon is a first-of-its-kind end-to-end school experience and management solution for Learning, Teaching, Community Engagement and School Management. Building on the successes of the individual Education Horizons Group products in Australia and New Zealand, Project Horizon will be the next evolution of Synergetic and SEQTA and will provide you with unparalleled visibility, flexibility and control for your school.

One interface, one source of truth for your data.

Project Horizon is a first-of-its-kind school experience and management solution, bringing together the best and most powerful functions of our existing products into one platform.

  • Teaching & Learning
  • School Management
  • Community Engagement
  • Finance & Payroll
  • Property and Location Data Management

Building on the successes of the individual Education Horizons Group products, Project Horizon will be the next evolution of Synergetic and SEQTA and will provide you with unparalleled visibility, flexibility and control for your school. A single interface, and a single source of truth for your data.

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20/20 Reporting

Project Horizon has been designed to overcome many of the issues inherent with reporting and analytics. Project Horizon is a true end-to-end solution, giving you frictionless and granular access to all the data you require, whether you’re creating Government Compliance reports or detailed analytics on academic performance across your school.

The inbuilt reporting engine will allow you to generate a range of tailored reports, whether it’s pixel perfect reports for creating printouts to send to your parents, BI reports to generate dashboards to present to the school board, academic reports or a simple CSV.

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Government-approved protection for your data

Project Horizon is being built from the ground up in the cloud to ensure the very highest levels of security, scalability and flexibility. With privacy and data security compliance requirements more stringent than ever, and the education sector accounting for 18% of all Australian cyber attacks in 2019, Project Horizon is designed to provide schools with industry-leading data security offering unparalleled protection from new and emergent threats, using technology that has been awarded the highest level of Australian Government data security certification.

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Project Horizon FAQs

Why make a new product for schools in ANZ?

We are developing Project Horizon because schools need a modern, coherent platform that securely brings together and grows the proven services we have been offering for decades.

Education tech is one of the fastest growing and most rapidly changing sectors in the world today. But it is a sector marked by many small products with a niche focus on one area of school support. The Group’s new product will reflect our desire to change the market, and integrate the proven services we offer schools under one powerful system.

Project Horizon is our plan to re-platform the best of the proven services we offer across all of our existing products – in one secure integrated system including exciting new services and protections for schools. This will allow us to support every person in a school community to make the best decisions for their students – by securely getting the information they need exactly when they need it.

Project Horizon will therefore take the best of our proven service offerings, migrate them to the cloud, make it all mobile first, include some important new services and protections, and allow schools to seamlessly integrate with other solutions a school may choose to deploy.

What is the product going to called?

The development project has been working with the code name “Project Horizon”. The actual Product Name will be revealed in winter 2020. Watch out for the announcement!

What is the Scope of Project Horizon?

The project will deliver a totally new suite of software for K-12 schools. The scope includes School Management, Teaching and Learning, Finance, Payroll, HR, Community Collaboration and more. The solution will support individual schools and groups of schools that are managed as part of a hierarchy.

Project Horizon is using the latest Cloud services and technologies that will deliver a mobile first, secure, highly functional application that uses industry standards to support integration, analytics and Reporting.

The solution is designed to deliver an outstanding user experience on any device (Phone, Tablet, Laptop, PC, Mac, etc)

When will the product be available to buy?

We expect to offer the first release of the product in the summer of 2020.

Before then the product is being put through extensive development, testing and quality assurance processes. Senior representatives from a group of existing client schools have joined our ‘Design Lab Team’. These people will help to confirm that the functions offered by the product are aligned to schools’ needs and that the user experience matches schools’ expectations.

A pilot program will be running through the winter of 2020. These pilots will run in conjunction with a number of Australian schools. The pilots will allow the product to be tested and improved by evaluating it thoroughly in a simulated environment.

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