Our 2021 Research Report

More than 1000 Australian Education Professionals had their say about their challenges and priorities for 2021.


Staff and student well-being is the top priority for 73% of schools.

Lack of time

The top challenge for teachers was the lack of time for non-classroom work.

Security Risks

Managing security risks was the biggest challenge for IT Managers.

Online Learning

63% said they would like to keep using online learning tools more post remote learning.

Educators came to the fore in 2020.

Through the uncertainty and disruption of COVID-19, governments everywhere committed to maintaining education – with all the personal, social and wellbeing benefits that learning brings.

Around Australia, our schools became a frontline in the pandemic response. We asked our educators to go above and beyond anything they could’ve imagined when they sat down to plan the year ahead. And they did.

In this context, the Education Horizons school survey report 2021: The Voice of Australian Educators, offers a unique perspective and insight into the challenges faced by educators in the year just gone, and their priorities going forward.

As our second annual survey, this report also builds a growing store of knowledge about education challenges, priorities and opportunities as our seen by our educators on the frontline.

Thank you to all who took part, for sharing their thoughts on 2020 and priorities for 2021. The 1008 Principals, Deputy Principals, Teachers, Business Managers, School Administrators, and Technology Managers, across Australia’s independent and government schools.

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