Our 2021 Research Report

More than 1000 Australian Education Professionals had their say about their challenges and priorities for 2021. Our new report will be published in February.

Overwhelming Workload

73% of teachers say one of their top challenges is their workload.


Maintaining complex student data is the top challenge for school management.


Top priority for principals is ensuring well-being of staff and students.

Integration challenges

71% of technology managers expressed challenges with system integrations.

What were the core priorities for Australian schools in 2020?

At the end of 2019, just before the advent of the coronavirus and its impact on schools, we held up a microphone for educational professionals at Australian schools to have their say on what was important. They voiced their challenges, priorities, intentions and directions across school leadership, management, teaching, learning and technology.​

Our 2020 report on Australian Schools was compiled thanks to the 877 Principals, Deputy Principals, Teachers, Business Managers, school administrators, and Technology Managers, across Australia’s independent and government schools, who shared their valuable insights.

The report reviewed the sentiments, views and advice of your peers and provided a useful insight to what would be important to schools once the current coronavirus disruption concludes.

Education Horizon background – partnerships

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