Project Horizon

Earlier this week I visited my local store for some essentials. On the way in, I politely held the door for a gentleman exiting the shop. As he passed me, I met his eyes and silently greeted him with a smile. The only problem was that this smile was hidden behind my facemask… I was then left with the uneasy realisation that the only part of this transaction that reached its recipient was the prolonged eye contact – something that can be too-easily misinterpreted as questioning or even threatening.

The forced advent of remote learning has introduced a disconnect between teacher and learner – a virtual facemask that has the potential to hinder communication. As educators and education solution providers, we are all having to adapt to these unforeseen changes and find ways in which to support students.

Having herself spent 11 years as a Deputy Principal at Presbyterian Ladies’ College in Perth, SEQTA’s Senior Education Consultant, Kim Edwards, is all too familiar with the challenges faced by educators. Kim has spent the last 4 years helping the SEQTA team to develop tools within SEQTA Teach that support the principles of Professor John Hattie’s Visible Learning; Tools that will be adopted and further developed in the Project Horizon platform.

To give some examples, the Unit Planner and Individual Learning Tool in SEQTA (above) allow teachers to cater to the needs of the individual learner, while giving students visibility of their entire learning pathway. The Online Formative Assessment Tool allows teachers to give ongoing feedback to each student as they work through an assignment, while giving the teacher an understanding of how to best support and guide each student through the learning journey. And finally, SEQTA’s Feedback Cycle follow’s Hattie’s principles of delivering of effective feedback by allowing students to reflect on Where they’re going via Student ExpectationsHow they’re going via Rubrics and continuous teacher feedback, and Where to next via Student Reflections.  

SEQTA’s approach to supporting both teachers and students gives the Project Horizon platform an incredible head start in the increasingly important journey of supporting effective, inclusive and individualised teaching outside of the classroom.  

More to follow next week!

Paul LiddiattEducation Horizons Group, Chief Marketing Officer