Project Horizon

One of my favourite pastimes is building guitars, starting from raw billets of timber and working towards finished (hopefully playable) instruments. The process of learning how to correct the continual mistakes you make along the way can at times be frustrating, but I often remind myself that it is from this process of learning that the reward comes.

One of the most important lessons that I have learned though is that there are times, for me usually during the process of painting a guitar, when you’re better off starting over than trying to make touch-ups to an area that needs improvement. This is often a hard decision to make psychologically because it feels like taking one step forward and sixteen steps back, but it invariably takes less time and yields far superior results than making continual touch-ups.

As an Education Technology company, we find ourselves having to constantly react to changes in the social and technological landscapes. Being agile is crucial if we are to continue to meet and exceed the needs of our customers. In 2018 we launched an initiative we called “Project Phoenix” with a view to making improvements and adaptations to Synergetic that would allow us to better serve our clients. It was during this project though that we realised that in making these improvements to the existing platform, we would be missing a crucial opportunity to secure its foundations for the future by completely re-platforming Synergetic. And so Project Horizon was born – the initiative that will see Synergetic re-imagined, built natively in the cloud and combined with the functionality of other Education Horizons Group solutions, including SEQTA.

This was certainly not the quickest, cheapest or easiest route to take. But we knew that it was the right thing to do by our customers in the long run. Of course, the ongoing development of Synergetic continues.  The Synergetic development roadmap can be viewed here.  

So far this year the Synergetic developers have delivered the system-wide implementation of non-binary genders, a number of compliance developments and the Version 70 upgrade package.

But while we continue to adapt Synergetic for the needs of today, Project Horizon simultaneously allows us to plan for a future in which we can continue to support our customers.

More to follow next week!

Tom BeardsworthEducation Horizons Group, Product Marketing Lead