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Canberra Montessori School is an independent initiative of the Canberra Montessori Society Inc, a small school with 76 students from Kindergarten to Year 6.

The problem
A key challenge for Canberra Montessori was keeping their accounts accurate and up to date. This included their ability to collect fees and charges that reflect the complex nature of family relationships. They currently use Xero as their finance and accounting software, so they wanted a student management system that could integrate with Xero easily and reduce staff working manually across multiple systems, to manage fees and payment plans.

A major challenge for our school has been maintaining the accuracy of accounts and the lack of integration with our accounting software.


The solution
Canberra Montessori School partnered with Education Horizons to implement Zunia, a new cloud-native Student Information Platform, that easily manages complex student information all in one place and in real-time as well as integrating with Xero to support their finance and accounting requirements.

We’ve been impressed with Zunia’s finance capability, as it has been built to reflect the complex nature of family payments allowing schools to support finance, billing, and custodial arrangements and integrates into Xero. The fact that we can meet these needs with a cost-effective platform is fantastic. Our school is excited to be a Zunia school and the Education Horizons’ team have been working with us to meet our requirements. We’re keen to build out functionality for group SMS communications for student absences, setting up custom reports, and most importantly getting our online enrolments form integrated into the Zunia platform. For our school, this collaborative partnership is of huge value, and we feel with Zunia it supports our needs today and will continue to evolve to meet our needs in the future.

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Why choose

Zunia, from Education Horizons, is a new cloud-based Student Information Platform, that is evolving the way schools manage complex student information, taking the time and hassle out of day-to-day tasks.

One cloud-native platform for all essential data – secure and accessible to staff on any device, anywhere, any time
Easy to learn and use and the compliance engine makes reporting faster, easier, and more accurate
Open platform model lets schools choose their own ecosystem without losing a single source of truth – future proofing your school system

Education Horizons technology solutions help over 3.2m users across 68 countries in 2000+ schools every day

    Our mission is to help schools succeed by:
  • Streamlining the flow of data where and when you need it
  • Making student data visible in a few clicks
  • Creating truly connected schools

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