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Welcome to state-of-the-art cloud hosting for our comprehensive school software Synergetic, Engage & SEQTA

Is your school still managing the hassle, cost and security challenges of on-premise software? Schools around the world have already shifted their critical software to the cloud – saving time and money while delivering improved reliability, accessibility and security. For the rest – the question is when, not if

Imagine a system where your educational software is always on the latest version, always accessible from anywhere and always capable of handling peak usage times effortlessly—this is what our cloud hosting solutions deliver

By leveraging the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS), we centralise your school’s data and applications on a secure, scalable and resilient platform

Ready to elevate your school’s technology infrastructure? Discover how our cloud hosting solutions can benefit your school today

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Discover the Future of Education Technology with Cloud Hosting

Why Cloud Hosting?

Schools no longer need the cost, hassle and security challenges of on-premise software. Access unparalleled flexibility, security and scalability through Education Horizons’ state-of-the-art cloud hosting solutions for your most critical software

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting involves storing, managing and processing data on remote servers managed by our strategic partner AWS. This means seamless access to your educational software anytime, anywhere, from any device powered by higher performance and robust security for your critical school systems

What are the Benefits of Cloud Hosting for EdTech?

  • Enhanced SecurityRest assured that your data is protected in the AWS Cloud with multi-layered security measures, including AES-256 encryption and secure https connections. With AWS, a global leader in cloud infrastructure security, your school benefits from the highest standards of cloud security
  • ScalabilityCloud hosting adapts to your school’s needs, handling high volumes of user activity without crashing. Whether during peak times such as parent-teacher meetings or student registrations, our cloud solutions scale effortlessly to meet demand
  • Cost EffectiveSay goodbye to expensive infrastructure and maintenance costs. With cloud hosting you reduce capital expenditure and free up your IT staff to focus on strategic projects. Your school can also save on IT costs and reduce the workload for your IT team. Since hardware and servers are your vendor’s responsibility, there is no need to maintain infrastructure in-house
  • Increased ProductivityTeachers and administrative staff can access systems on the go, update records in real-time and receive instant system updates. This flexibility ensures that everyone is always working with the most current information, enhancing efficiency and productivity
  • Reliability and PerformanceEnjoy exceptional uptime and reliability. Our cloud hosting services leverage multiple servers across the cloud network, ensuring that if one server fails, another seamlessly takes over to keep everything running smoothly
  • Backup and Disaster RecoveryYour data is automatically backed up and securely stored off-site. In case of any issues, quick restoration ensures minimal disruption and prevents data loss, keeping your school operations running smoothly

How will this transition disrupt my school?

Education Horizons delivers a managed migration model for schools transitioning from on- premise to cloud hosted software including scoping the project, clarifying timeframes and responsibilities and managing each stage for a seamless transition

Ready to make the move?

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your educational technology ecosystem with cloud hosting. Fill out the form and our team will contact you to discuss your school’s migration to the cloud. Experience the future of EdTech with Education Horizons and enjoy a seamless transition from on-premise to cloud hosting