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12 resources to help educators, parents and students return to school

Around Australia, thousands of teachers and students are returning to face-to-face learning as COVID-19 restrictions begin to ease.

To help with the transition back to school, we’ve collated some best practice resources to help schools, teachers, parents, and students get used to the new normal.

These resources are helpful during the many other big changes that students and teachers go through, such as starting a new school, going from primary to high school, and returning to school after holidays.

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Resources for Educators


5 things to consider when transitioning back to in-person teaching – Corwin Connect

Covering five valuable strategies for returning to the classroom, from allowing space to process and plan, through to communication best practices.

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Giving Students Time for Recovery and Learning – Melbourne University

Learn about the stepped care approach for supporting psychosocial recovery in students and parents following a disaster and social-emotional learning approaches to adjust and recover.

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COVID catchup, helping disadvantaged students close the equity gap – Grattan Institute

Explore strategies to close the equity gap for disadvantaged students post covid by using targeted teaching strategies and small-group tuition programs.

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Leading School Wellbeing 4 Part Webinar Series – Bastow

Build your understanding of the science of wellbeing, from different thinking strategies to physical and environmental, and social strategies.

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Back at School Resources – ATISL

Access the most current research from leading government bodies including the Department of Education, and experts in the field such as John Hattie and various Educational Leadership Journals.

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Teacher Wellbeing resources – Reach Out

A hub of activities to support educators to improve and maintain their personal wellbeing.

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Resources for Parents

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The Parents Website COVID-19 – Independent Schools Victoria

Parents can access a variety of tips to help their children adjust after lockdown.

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The pandemic parent stage theory a guide for educators and parents – Corwin Connect

Learn about the pandemic stage theory and the four common stages to understand when navigating change.

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Parent Wellbeing resources – Reach Out

Activities to support parents to improve and maintain their personal wellbeing.

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Resources for Students


COVID-19 resources – Student Wellbeing Hub

Some great resources for primary and secondary students to help manage stress and wellbeing, including hot of the press resources for VCE students for the upcoming exam period.

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Student Wellbeing resources – Reach Out

Activities to support students to improve and maintain their personal wellbeing.

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