Whitepaper: Navigating EdTech Choices to Maximise Impact

Understanding how different generations of EdTech software can add value for schools.

School leaders today are facing more technology choices and challenges than ever before. Technology investment and utilisation is becoming increasingly central to school growth and to the delivery of student outcomes. School leaders are grappling with an explosion in software products, cyber threats and expectations – from parents, student and staff.

How schools navigate the complex maze of technology planning and delivery will increasingly determine their ability to succeed into the future.

In this whitepaper, Education Horizons’ leaders outline some of the key questions confronting school leaders and important considerations shaping how they can best position their schools for the future, including:

  • The changing technological landscape for schools
  • The different generations of core ed-tech approaches in market today
  • The role of vertical and horizontal software in education

Download this whitepaper to help plan and deploy the right technology eco-system and best position your school for the future.