Synergetic the richest school management system in Australia

Efficiently manage all aspects of your school's operations with our data rich School Management System (SMS)

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Benefits & Features

How Synergetic can help your school

Synergetic is Australia’s leading SMS specifically designed to meet the unique needs of K-12 schools, with an extensive range of features and a user friendly interface it provides a comprehensive solution for both academic and administrative tasks that connects your whole school community.

Unique Data Architecture

With our unique One ID system, each member of your school community is assigned a single identifier that maps complex relationships within the system. This powerful feature drives seamless communication, enhances student care, and streamlines financial processes

Visibility into your school’s financial position at any time

Stay up to date with our finance system that’s fully integrated with your community database, enabling you to streamline processes with automated purchase order workflows and authorisations to improve efficiency in your school.

Powerful reporting and actionable insights

Visualise data on intelligent interactive dashboards from Power BI to enable data-informed decision making and choose from 700 standard, custom, Crystal and SSRS reports. This transforms raw information into meaningful insights, enabling you to make informed decisions that drive positive change in your school.

Grow your school and its connectivity

Staff can perform daily school operations efficiently using secure online access, while parents and students can stay informed with relevant information through the Community Portal. By bringing staff, parents, and students together through secure online portal access, we strengthen the bonds within your school community.

Stronger together with integration partners

Synergetic can integrate with other software through 65+ API endpoints (and growing!), giving schools more choice and providing a full suite of solutions needed by your school.

Single source of truth with one connected system

Optimise your entire school – save time, work collaboratively and make informed decisions.

  • Built to manage complex family relationships
  • Personalised communications consistently meeting privacy requirements
  • Highly customisable for schools needs
  • Reduces data silos and errors
  • Delivers all government compliance reports
  • A core community database as your single source of truth 
  • A community of integration partners to build your own ecosystem 
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Smart School Operations and Management

Track learning goals, engage your community, and manage school operations from within a single environment.

Organise information and stay in control:

  • Student, family and medical records
  • Attendance and reports
  • Student enrolment and enquiries
  • Staff and student scheduling
  • HR and more
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Finance management made easy

With a fully integrated finance system, you can effortlessly navigate the intricate web of purchase order creation, approval, and tracking. This automation not only saves time but also reduces the likelihood of errors that can occur in manual processes.

Synergetic takes care of all things finance, including:

  • General ledger
  • Billing fees and charges
  • Purchase orders
  • Asset register
  • Payroll and more
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Resources to help develop your school

Synergetic empowers you to streamline enrolment applications, orchestrate successful events and fundraising endeavors, and maintain communication with both past and present students.

It also supports:

  • Fundraising
  • Online applications
  • Alumni
  • Event management
  • SMS and email communications
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Streamline school payments with Stripe

Simplify your school’s payment processing with Stripe, the trusted online payment platform. Integrate Stripe seamlessly into your Synergetic school management system to offer a streamlined and secure payment experience for parents, students and administrators

Accept various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards and bank transfers, providing flexibility for families and ensuring prompt transactions. Whether it’s tuition fees, event tickets or fundraising donations, Stripe’s intuitive interface makes managing payments effortless

By harnessing the power of Stripe through Synergetic, schools can optimise their financial operations, reduce administrative burdens and enhance the overall payment experience for stakeholders. Embrace the future of secure school payments with Stripe and Synergetic!

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Cloud hosting with Educationhorizon

Is Synergetic cloud hosting for me?

Synergetic cloud hosting is the ideal solution for both new customers and those with existing on-premises installations of Synergetic. Enjoy enhanced security, seamless updates and effortless scalability. With our cloud hosting, your school’s data is securely managed on Amazon Web Services (AWS), ensuring the highest levels of protection and reliability

Transition to the cloud and experience improved performance and reduced IT overhead. Our dedicated team is here to support you every step of the way

Ready to make the switch? Contact us to explore the best hosting options for your school

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Who Synergetic can help

Discover how Synergetic can help

Streamline academic and operational processes and take control of the complexities of running a school with in-depth statistics and analytics.

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Strengthen your school’s administrative backbone with a robust and scalable school management system – trusted by Australian schools for over 40 years.

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Synergetic’s core data architecture and open API layer supports integration with API partners including SEQTA LMS and automated software upgrades.

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School Stories

Why schools love Synergetic

Integration Partners

Take advantage of how Synergetic and SEQTA work well together.

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Gold Package


  •  Base implementation and training
  • 1 Sys admin
  • 2 Supported users
  • Synergetic core database
  • Synergetic web options
  • Community portal with MyDetails
  • Synergetic services
    Crystal Scheduler, Docman Importer, Notification Services
  • New kiosk app
  • Core current and future students
  • Core past students
  • Core medical records
  • Core general ledger
  • Debtors
    Receipting via BPay and credit cards
  • Creditors
  • Address validation

Diamond Package


  • Gold pack plus
  • Additional supported user
  • Attendances
  • Assessments
  • Excursion management
  • Automatic class charges
  • Integrated enrolment deposits
  • Purchase orders
  • Asset register
  • Development and fundraising
  • Communications
  • Objects core
  • Ecommerce receipting via online payment gateway
  • Online applications (limited)

Platinum Package


  • Diamond pack plus
  • Additional supported user
  • Study periods
  • Parent teacher interviews
  • Co-curricular / staff and student scheduling
  • Staff substitutes / daily organiser
  • Advanced activities and sports team management
  • Human resources **
  • Core sales shop controls
    with inventory control and consignment stock
  • Payroll**
    including staff kiosk and timesheets
  • Event and functions management
    including public events bookings
  • Objects property maintenance and bookings
  • Online applications dashboard
  • Online applications (unlimited)

There is no one-size-fits-all approach for schools. Get a personalised quote for your school today.

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Training courses

  • July 2024

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    Synergetic: Synergetic for Beginners
    4 hours, 30 minutes
    Jul 2024
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    Synergetic: GL Restructure Readiness & Preparation
    30 minutes
    Jul 2024
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  • August 2024

  • SYN%20course%20%E2%80%93%203.jpg
    Synergetic: MS Query
    1 day
    Aug 2024
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    Synergetic: Accountants & Business Managers
    1 day
    Aug 2024
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    • $865.00 excl. GST
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