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Our community of experts share practical and strategic insights on some of the biggest challenges facing school leaders and their teams today.

Welcome to our School Leadership Series resource library where you can stay connected to the great content generated by and with our community of school leadership experts.

In this series you can enjoy short, high impact webinars from members of our expert community on critical topics for school leaders today – as well as a range of supporting content and materials

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Generative AI for School Leaders Webinar WATCH

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Generative AI for School Leaders

Generative AI is impacting Education in many ways today – and it has the potential to fundamentally reshape Education in the future. As we move through the early stages of this shift, join us for a deep-dive into highly practical Gen AI uses that School Leaders can implement today

Former Deputy Principal Kim Edwards draws on decades of experience as a school leader and global IB consultant to share some highly practical Gen AI uses for School Leaders including:

  • Secure Data Analytics
  • Policies and Procedures Review
  • Curriculum and Pedagogical Consistency
  • Content Creation and Community Engagement
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School Cyber-Security: Where to begin?

Schools continue to be one of the main targets for cyber-security attacks world-wide. Attacks are becoming more sophisticated and schools are facing stronger consequences for critical data breaches

In this session, CSO Top 30 Chief Information Security Officer Daryll Holland breaks down the fundamentals of School Cyber-Security – helping leaders cut through complexity and focus on what matters most

Watch APACWatch EMEA

Watch this short, powerful presentation exploring the best ways to:

  • Align your board and team
  • Build real accountabilities
  • Know the information you are protecting
  • Create policies that shape behaviour
  • Manage key security risks
  • Align procedures
  • Implement the right training and awareness ·
  • Leverage outside support and validation
School Cyber Security Webinar Watch Recording
Impact of Gen AI in Education


The impact of Generative AI in Education

Recently Education Horizons’ Advisory Board discussed how Generative AI can and should impact education. This blog outlines that discussion and some of the key considerations for educators and policymakers in navigating this truly revolutionary technological shift

Delve into the role of humans in shaping and verifying Gen AI content and explore how teaching and learning are evolving in response to this innovative technology. Join the conversation and explore the future of education with us!



Sustainability in Schools through Ed-Tech

Our world is changing, and we need to change with it!

More extreme weather events, rising temperatures and ongoing emissions require collective effort from all of us. The next generation demands action– and schools are on the frontline in driving real, lasting change

At Education Horizons we take this mission seriously and we are working hard to support schools to make sustainability front and centre of their communities. As part of this work, schools are increasingly exploring how our category leading software products and services can help them reduce waste, become more efficient and help shape the next generation of climate warriors

In this blog we outline four key ways our software can help your school become more sustainable for today and for the future!

Sustainability in Schools through EdTech
Whitepaper Navigating EdTech Choices


Navigating Ed-tech choices to maximise impact

School leaders today are facing more technology choices and challenges than ever before. Technology investment and utilisation is becoming increasingly central to school growth and to the delivery of student outcomes

In this whitepaper, Education Horizons’ leaders outline some of the key questions confronting school leaders and important considerations shaping how they can best position their schools for the future, including:

  • The changing technological landscape for schools
  • The different generations of core ed-tech approaches in market today
  • The role of vertical and horizontal software in education
  • And more!


Learning and Wellbeing in schools

What if great teaching and learning was the biggest in-school driver of student wellbeing?


Policymakers and many educators see student learning as connected, but separate – with many schools struggling to find additional time, curriculum space and resources to support both. In this white paper, our expert educators challenge this thinking – from the policy level to the classroom.

Learn more and download our latest report

Learning & Wellbeing Whitepaper V2
SEQTA Enhancing Teacher Collaboration and Planning using AI Tools

On Demand Webinar

Enhancing Teacher Collaboration and Planning using AI Tools

Learn more about using AI tools to support teacher planning in SEQTA

Watch a recording of our practical webinar on Using Generative AI to save time and improve Unit and Lesson planning. Our teaching and learning expert Kim Edwards takes you and your team through a set of simple steps to immediately begin benefitting from Gen AI to save time and strengthen your school’s planning work


Generative AI

Saving teachers’ time and improving planning

In our recent blog and webinar we delve into how Generative AI tools are simplifying teacher tasks, fostering collaboration and enhancing the quality time teachers spend with students

Lesson planning is notorious for consuming educators’ precious time. Generative AI may offer a solution to this issue. It can generate curriculum unit outlines, rubrics, class discussion questions and even personalised lesson plans. Together with SEQTA’s collaborative planning infrastructure Generative AI tools can drive consistency and improvement across your whole teaching team

Find out how AI can streamline your teaching process, save time and enhance pedagogical consistency by clicking the button

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SEQTA Generative AI Blog
School Survey Report

School Survey Report

The Voice of Australian Educators 2022

2022 was among the most challenging periods in education. The global pandemic created ongoing uncertainty and its full impact on our students, educators, leaders, families and communities was only beginning to be felt

Importantly, the absolute focus of educators on wellbeing before and during COVID-19 shone through in these results – along with fascinating perspectives from Teachers and Leaders on how schools managed COVID-19 disruption

Explore these trends and the wider impacts of the global pandemic on schools in this important research report made up of responses from the 1,005 Principals, Deputy Principals, Teachers, Business Managers, School Administrators, and Technology Managers, across Australia’s independent and government schools


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