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Proactively manage your school campus and maximise the longevity of your assets with our innovative system

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Benefits & Features

How AssetWhere can help your school

Easily visualise, plan and manage your property and asset risk with AssetWhere’s school property management system digital twin and facilities management platform

See the bigger picture 

Visualise every detail of your buildings, rooms, services, assets and grounds at the click of a button, manage risk and get the most out of your school facilities.

React with confidence

When things go wrong, respond with confidence – AssetWhere gives your team the information they need to pre-empt and safely manage property, asset and facilities challenges in real time.

Effortlessly manage your resources

Coordinate internal and external facilities management teams working on site at the click of a button – to keep your school performing at the highest level

Get the most out of your facilities investment

Understand your asset lifecycle – so you can plan for the long-term with confidence. AssetWhere’s School Property Management System empowers you to make informed decisions that protect your facilities investment, foster long-term sustainability, and ultimately contribute to the success of your school.

Manage your property effectively

Our powerful cloud-based school property management system helps you visualise, map, plan and manage your property and asset risks.

  • Discover, collate, verify and visualise your critical property information
  • See every detail of your buildings, rooms, services, assets, and grounds
  • Easily share plans with architects and consultants to manage design, construction and maintenance projects
  • Plan and schedule ongoing maintenance activities
  • View thematic mapping and colour coding by room to support accommodation reviews and grant applications
  • Provides the ability to re purpose and re-use your AssetWhere data for operational activities on a daily basis 

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AssetWhere school plan
Asset 2

Manage Risk and Compliance

Create an up-to-date Visitors map, evacuation diagrams and community maps to guide visitors to key locations and help them remain safe while on the school campus.

  • View integration and visualisations of “traditionally isolated data” – tree reports, asbestos registers and areas subject to compliance
  • Support Master Planning processes by considering risks and constraints through a current detailed view of your campus
  • Manage induction, certification and site access for contractors via the check-in app
  • Create community maps and emergency diagrams including Emergency Access and Fire Services plansEssential Services Shut-off locationsSports Field Guide with summer and winter layouts and Outdoor Education Sites

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One-click Function

AssetWhere allows schools to see critical details about their site, building, room and asset features via simple ‘one-click’ query functions, including:

  • Room names and space numbering
  • Dimensions
  • Documents and photographs
  • Construction and finish details
  • Important assets including critical underground services – providing your schools very own “dial before you dig”
  • Refurbishment dates
  • Room availability and utilisation rates
  • Ownership

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Asset 3
Asset 4

Asset lifecycle  management

AssetWhere facilities management lets you manage the full lifecycle of each of your assets – from building conception and design to capital works, ongoing maintenance and end of life.

  • Fully documented audit trail to support every stage of the life cycle, including each individual room and asset.
  • Manage your entire asset portfolio, where real-time data drives your decision-making.
  • Send work requests to your contractors via the app – including full asset history and work instructions in one place.

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Who we help

Discover how AssetWhere can help

Get the most out of your investment in school assets, plan more effectively, and make betterinformed decisions about property development and maintenance.

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Establish a fact base for valuation, insurance, and future grant applications to maximise investment in new buildings supported by fully documented audit trails. 

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Power your planning and streamline ongoing maintenance operations with full facility history and maintenance details provided by AssetWhere.

Gain a deeper understanding of your school’s infrastructure, leverage historical insights for informed decision-making, and ensure that your educational facilities remain at their best for generations to come.

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Pricing packages

Select the package that best suits your school, and we’ll set it up in no time ensuring a seamless integration that aligns with your school’s unique needs and priorities

Package A


  • Site Boundaries (important for large site or multi campus schools)
  • Building and Rooms (including multi level)
  • Landscaping, Car Parks, Gates, Sports facilities
  • Aerial image
  • Master Plan Stages

Package B


  • Building
  • Landscaping
  • Sports
  • Stormwater
  • Sewer
  • Water
  • Communications
  • Electrical
  • Gas
  • Mechanical
  • Fire Services

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