Engage School Parent Portal

Good family-school communication is essential to student success and for a healthy parent-school relationship. The Parent Portal provides parents with a realtime link to view key parts of their child's school record, from assessment reports to attendance, forthcoming events and account charges.

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Peace of mind for parents

The Parent Portal enables parents to check their child’s completed and historical assessment reports, attendance records, events and student timetables. Parents also have secure access to their school account for easy tracking and payment of fee bills, activity costs and ad hoc charges, considerably reducing the school’s administrative burden.

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Transparency of school data with control

The school retains control of what type of information is viewable through the Parent Portal. Flexible settings can be set to allow only specific information to be seen by individual parents or guardians to reflect the needs of complex family and carer relationships.

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Parent communication made easy

Communication between parents and the school is simplified, with the ability to post notices directly to teachers from the Parent Portal. Wherever a secure internet connection is available, the portal can be accessed, 24/7. Incidents can be viewed in real time, literally as they are being posted. Parents can make changes to their contact details which are automatically updated in the Engage database. Parent Portal combines with Engage Apps, School Parent Evening, and Pupil Dashboard to deliver transparent and easy communication across the school community.

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