Engage School Report Creator

Report Creator gives your school the power to create customised reports, drawing on the wealth of data in your Engage databases and giving you real insights for sharing and planning

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Complete flexibility

Operating across a whole range of data, enormous varieties of reports can be created and tailored. Appearance and formatting are fully flexible for creating Excel exports. Dig deeper, aid understanding and highlight the details that matter.

engage report creator admin screen
school data on tablet

Explore your data

Data can be combined or filtered in numerous ways to create meaningful, useful reports. Combine data fields to create a single data entry in a report or use filters to enable specific data to be viewed in each report. Up to 20 different data fields can be included in any one report; a preview function displays a snapshot of the field data being accessed by the report.

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Create any number of report templates for multiple use and run different data sets against existing templates.

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protected data security


Permission settings can be customised for creating, viewing and editing reports.

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