Engage Teaching Attendance

Take school attendance on any device, pushed live to Engage with options within the school management system to trigger alerts and actions. Engage Attendance makes monitoring student attendance incredibly simple and enables schools to act swiftly if issues arise.

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Fully integrated attendance in school management system

As with so many features, Attendance is fully integrated within the Teacher Portal, Engage Apps and the Timetable module, providing hassle-free access outside the classroom when required, such as for school trips and sports events.

Classes can be linked to a teacher’s own unique login and a Quick Mark function makes taking Form, House or Group registers quick and easy.

teacher greeting young students
students entering classroom

Customisable to match school day and teaching periods

School-specific day structure and teaching periods can be accommodated, along with the ability to define different types of absence or presence, depending on your school’s policies.

Visualisation of attendance reporting alongside Excel and print export functions provide at-a-glance insight, informing staff and prompting swift intervention if required.

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