Engage Teaching School Timetable

Engage Timetable is a comprehensive timetable planning and creation tool, essential for the effective time management of pupils, staff and room usage. Timetable is fully integrated with all aspects of Engage.

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Fully integrated school timetable

The one-page booking tool updates to show all occupied and free periods, allowing rooms to be secured at available times, including break times, and after-school and school holiday periods.

User permissions control who can view and use the Room Booking tools. Any booking clashes are highlighted with a notice sent to the booking creator.

teacher using school timetable
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Flexible school days and weeks with staff cover

The unique structure and variables of your school day or week can be accommodated, from the setting of individual parameters for each year group, period locking for fixed sessions, to the ability to create multiple timetables for each year group. Engage Timetable also identifies part-time staff and can allocate their preferred periods.

Staff Cover can be managed with rapid identification of available teachers. Timetables can be printed in many formats for individual students, form rooms, staff rooms and notice boards.

Engage Timetable makes timetabling simple and effective, helping staff create a seamless, accessible and logical school experience for students, staff and parents.

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