The partnership between SEQTA from Education Horizons and CyberHound has resulted in integrating two leading EdTech solutions to improve teacher classroom efficiency.

CyberHound offers the most advanced multi-layered cybersecurity solution for schools, by partnering with SEQTA we enable schools to manage all aspects of student learning, well-being and cybersecurity from a single user-friendly platform, making it easier for educators to ensure their students are protected and supported in their online activities.

As technology advances in schools, it is increasingly important for teachers to have complete control and ease of use for classroom internet-based activities. SEQTA and CyberHound recognise that an integrated solution must be easy to use and intuitive for both staff and students. An example of this is the Classroom Controls feature which provides teachers with complete control over the internet in their classroom.

As SEQTA constantly works towards improving learning management systems in schools, the partnership with CyberHound further enhances the system’s ability to provide students with great learning outcomes.

The partnership between SEQTA and CyberHound has resulted in a fully integrated internet classroom management system for schools, the integration allows teachers to have more control by providing seamless access to multiple services through a single user interface, improving productivity and efficiency in the classroom, making lesson planning more flexible and saving valuable teacher time.

Optimising e-learning is a key mission of both businesses and CyberHound CEO, John Fison, said he was “thrilled to partner with a fellow Australian company to provide more value to schools.

The SEQTA visible learning and wellbeing platform offers a premium experience designed to work for both the teachers, administrators and principals in a school creating a seamless experience for all. Benefits from this partnership have already been seen with a reduction in teacher and IT staff workloads and improved student engagement.