The SEQTA Suite is set to become even more powerful, after an integration with leading originality checking service Turnitin.

The integration will allow SEQTA users to benefit from Turnitin’s unparalleled feedback, research and originality checking tools; all within the bounds of SEQTA’s award-winning teaching and learning ecosystem.

Used by over ten-thousand institutions worldwide, Turnitin helps improve student learning and critical thinking by providing educators with a web-based service that quickly evaluates work for potential plagiarism.

SEQTA Chief Executive Officer Grant Grosser labelled the integration as an exciting extension to SEQTA’s already industry-leading products.

“Turnitin’s integration within the SEQTA Suite will give our users an additional but very useful functionality. Teachers will benefit from Turnitin’s leading plagiarism prevention tools and students will learn to think critically about the source materials they use.”

Turnitin Sales Director APAC James Thorley said the integration will help SEQTA teachers provide engaging feedback and meaningful instruction.

“Turnitin’s integration with SEQTA is a great benefit to teachers. It will allow them to give their students higher quality feedback across all subjects and help support academic integrity throughout their institution. It is estimated that teachers can save up to 30 per cent of time when marking student papers as well as engage students with richer feedback.”