The Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools, also known as Gonski 2.0, has highlighted that too many Australian children are not reaching their full potential due to the current year-level progression system in education.

The report recommends a shift towards learning progressions independent of age or year level and instead focus on individual learning achievement. Echoing the sentiments of Professor John Hattie, educational researcher and author of Visible Learning and Visible Learning for Teachers, the report states that Australia needs to “embed a focus on individual student achievement, with the expectation that each student should achieve at least one year’s growth throughout each year of schooling.”

Personalised learning has been recognised as a solution to this problem since as early as 1853 when the Educational Leadership publication explored the theme of ‘individualised difference’ in its December edition; the text states: “Our system of grading schools was developed when we assumed that all children could learn the same things at the same chronological age if they tried hard enough”.

The merits of personalised learning, which have since been elaborated upon by modern-day champions such as Carol Ann Tomlinson, are widely acknowledged within the education community. The question now becomes how can we sustainably manage it for all students in all classrooms?

One solution is SEQTA, the visible learning and wellbeing platform from Education Horizons, developed in Australia and available worldwide. SEQTA, in partnership with myEdOnline, provides schools with an all-in-one system to enable them to meet the recommendations of the Gonski 2.0 report. The combination of SEQTA Suite and myEdOnline allows for individualised learning in a sustainable way, creating an immersive educational ecosystem that supports students every step of the way without creating extra work for teachers.

For schools looking to address the increasing learning and wellbeing challenges of the digital era, a learning management tool like SEQTA is especially valuable. It enables educators to identify students who need assistance and those that are ready for further challenges, providing a holistic view of every student.