Keep reading if your school:

  • Pays extra for separate admissions software
  • Has trouble measuring your admissions conversion in real time
  • Has trouble taking or collecting admissions payments
  • Has a poor admissions user experience that doesn’t reflect your brand
  • Want to digitise your admissions process

Grow enrolments through more leads and stronger conversions with Engage Admissions

Engage, the ultimate cloud-based School Management Information System, aids the management of all aspects of your school, integrating administration, teaching resources and financial management.

Tailored to meet the unique needs of independent and private schools, it excels in optimising web admissions, ensuring a user-friendly and efficient experience for both administrators and parents. The intuitive interface and comprehensive features foster seamless communication between all stakeholders in the web admissions process.

Did you know…

  • Parents can request a prospectus via a Web Admissions form ​
  • Parents can pay the registration fee online at the time of applying
  • Your enquiry and registration forms can be in multiple languages
  • You can close academic years if you have an application deadline​
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What are the benefits of Web Admissions in Engage?

Automated ease of use

The Zunia School app is designed to be a one-stop hub for all school-related communication. Whether you’re a parent, a school administrator, a teacher or an attendance officer, this app has something valuable to offer you.

Use your School’s branding

Elevate your school’s first impression with Engage by building a website-integrated admissions journey aligned to your school’s branding, language and tone. This feature ensures a cohesive and professional experience for prospective students and their parents.

Complete data consolidation

Engage ensures the automatic flow of all admissions information into a centralised database, serving as the single source of truth. This automation not only saves time but also guarantees that essential data is consistently updated across administration, teaching and financial management systems.

Tailored web admissions

Engage Admissions allows schools to develop and manage a tailor-made admissions process. This feature ensures that the right forms and information are readily available, enabling schools to customise their admissions journey according to their unique requirements and criteria.

Real time reporting

Engage offers real-time reporting capabilities that empower schools to enhance their enrollment process. Schools can track and analyse data on enquiries, drop-outs, question impact and successful conversions. This valuable insight enables institutions to make informed decisions, continually improving and refining their admissions strategies.

Engage’s real-time reporting also lays the groundwork for future growth. By analysing data on inquiries, drop-outs, and successful conversions, institutions can proactively plan for larger admissions, enabling strategic infrastructure expansion to meet the evolving needs of a growing student population.

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What are the benefits of Web Admissions in Engage?

Through the system, schools can seamlessly request additional information and parents can track the status of their admission inquiry in real-time.

Engage Web Admissions provides schools with the flexibility to tailor their own admission processes, incorporating elements such as interviews and school visits or opting for a more streamlined approach based on specific needs. The system allows easy adaptability to each school’s unique requirements.

With the embedded Admissions tool, all pertinent information is captured on the first attempt and automatically integrates into the central Engage MIS. This not only saves administrative time but also mitigates the risk of costly data handling errors.

Reduce drop-outs and improve enrolments by leveraging Engage reporting tools to analyse the effectiveness of their admission processes. This analysis aids in identifying and eliminating unnecessary questions and stages, to make your admissions process as smooth and effective as possible.

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