Data dashboards are essential for marketing, enrolments, and leadership

Right now, your school is accumulating more and more data. Every student, parent and staff interaction creates more data points.  Marketing and enrolment professionals can gain valuable insight into their campaigns and school community from all this information.  

A single data point won’t give you much insight. The magic happens when the data is collated, summarised and presented visually. Data dashboards let you see the big picture, identify trends, and enable you to make more informed decisions.  

Making data-driven marketing and enrolment decisions 

A recent Education Horizons school survey of over 580 schools revealed that increasing enrolments is one of the top priorities for schools in 2021. The first step to developing a campaign to attract new families to your school is to understand your community.  

Your school management system is a treasure trove to build this understanding. Data dashboards are a portal into your systems and bring your school metrics to life in an interactive visual way. By removing the clutter, you can quickly digest the information and act sooner.

3 Essential School Dashboards

Synergetic dashboards are ready to use and interactive. Here’s our pick of the top dashboards for marketing and enrolments:

School Enquiries

See when, where and how your school attracts new student enquiries.

  • Make decisions about where to run student recruitment campaigns.
  • Understand what sources are working for new enquiries.
  • See demographic information to understand your community better.

Future Students

Know the health of future student enrolment numbers at a glance.

  • See demographic trends to make more informed marketing and enrolment decisions.
  • Know the status of current applications.
  • Understand the enrolment status of prospective students


In real-time know the status of fundraising or pledges.

  • See which appeals have hit the target.
  • Identify the top donors in your community.
  • Compare appeal revenue over time to employ strategies to build financial capacity.