Keep reading if your school…

  • Still uses paper forms or online surveys to manage activities
  • Struggles to keep track of activity attendance
  • Is ever unsure whether your pupil information is up to date
  • Pays for multiple systems to manage activity selection, permissions and payments
  • Want to streamline activities management

Make extra-curricular activities a dream in your SMIS with Engage Activities

Engage, the world’s leading cloud-based School Management Information System (SMIS), is the ultimate solution for seamlessly managing school activities.

This intuitive system integrates administration, teaching resources, student information tracking, and parent engagement tools, giving you all of the tools you need to effectively coordinate activities and foster a connected school community among teachers, students and parents.

Did you know…

  • Parents can view and choose activities directly via the Parent Portal?
  • Online payments for clubs and trips can be made via the Parent Portal? ​
  • Activities show on your school timetable alongside lessons
  • Attendance and assessments functionality is available for all activities
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What are the benefits of Engage Activities?

Simple, automated processes for parents

Engage Activities offers a user-friendly platform for parents, simplifying the selection of activities and streamlining administrative tasks. Parents can easily approve and provide necessary permissions, input crucial risk information and conveniently make payments for school activities—all within the integrated system. This ensures a seamless and organised experience, enhancing parental engagement in their child’s school life.

Instant access to permissions and risk assessments

Engage Activities offers Activities staff instant, mobile access to permissions and risk assessments. This feature enables quick decision-making and proactive risk management on-the-go, ensuring the safety of students during all kinds of school activities. Never worry about lost permission slips again!

Administration, teaching and finance – all under one roof

Engage Activities automatically channels activity information into a centralised hub. This dynamic system ensures that activity updates seamlessly flow into the core components of school operations—administration, teaching and finance—without the need for manual intervention or multiple sources. This automation not only saves time but also enhances accuracy, ensuring that the latest activity details are reflected consistently across all aspects of the school management system.

More activities, less hassle

By streamlining all processes, Engage Activities effectively expands the scope of extra-curricular activities without imposing additional administrative burdens. By integrating school activities into the comprehensive Engage platform, administrators benefit from efficient planning tools that optimise resource allocation, scheduling, and communication.

Better planning and budgeting

Engage Activities offers real-time reporting on activity costs and benefits. This enables schools to make informed decisions based on up-to-the-minute financial insights. With a detailed breakdown of expenses and returns associated with each activity, administrators can proactively manage budgets, identify cost-saving opportunities, and ensure a strategic allocation of resources.

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What are Engage Activities real world uses?

Engage Activities simplifies the entire process for parents by consolidating activity options, permission-giving and payment within a single, user-friendly portal.

Staff overseeing activities benefit from advanced planning, as they receive pre-event information on attendees with proper permissions and completed risk assessments. This streamlined approach eliminates unnecessary duplication of tasks for Administration and Finance staff, allowing them to effortlessly track real-time updates across the system and generate targeted reports.

Engage Activities isn’t limited to routine events; schools are utilising the system for managing intricate one-off occasions, such as special exams, seamlessly integrating them into the school timetable and providing accessible information to parents.

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