Keep reading if your school:

  • Uses paper forms to communicate across your school
  • Is stuck with rigid templates for your electronic forms
  • Double handles data from one system to another
  • Wants to streamline daybook entries

Automate your most important workflows with Engage Daybook

Engage is the ideal cloud-based School Management Information System (SMIS). It centralises your school’s data by seamlessly integrating school administration, teaching resources, student information tracking, parent engagement tools, and financial management.

Notably, Engage Daybook prioritises student wellbeing by leveraging advanced data solutions. Its user-friendly interface and robust functionalities set a new standard for enhancing the educational experience while ensuring student welfare through informed decision-making.

Did you know…

  • Pupil wellbeing can be tracked via Daybook
  • Parents can make payments via Daybook
  • HR processes can be managed via Daybook
  • Confidential information is secure in Daybook
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What are the benefits of Engage Daybook?

Heightened efficiency

Engage Daybook promotes administrative efficiency by enabling seamless information workflows that save time, reduce reliance on paper records, and prevent data errors. The platform serves as a consolidated hub for all school-related information, ensuring accuracy and consistency.

Unprecedented flexibility

Engage Daybook offers infinite configuration possibilities, allowing schools to safely capture, store and share critical pupil information in any possible way. This flexibility ensures that the system adapts to the unique needs of each school, providing a secure and customisable solution. By efficiently managing and centralising student information, this empowers educators and administrators to make well-informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date data.

Enhanced decision making

Engage Daybook empowers educators and administrators to make better just-in-time decisions across various settings, including the classroom, head office, at home, and during school activities and excursions. The system provides real-time access to critical information, encouraging informed decision-making.

Secure school data

Engage Daybook prioritises the protection and streamlining of school data by implementing transparent, auditable data flows. The system identifies blockages in data processes, allowing for swift resolution and continuous improvement. With a focus on accountability and transparency, Engage Daybook enhances the integrity of school data, safeguarding against potential risks and ensuring the smooth flow of information for key school tasks.

A better connected school community

Engage Daybook goes beyond traditional school management systems by fostering better connections within the entire school community. The system facilitates communication and collaboration among administrators, teachers, students, and parents.

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What are Engage Daybook’s real world uses?

Should a teacher observe a child misbehaving, they can consult the pupil record and find an exclamation mark icon next to the child’s name, indicating a Daybook entry. Upon investigation, the teacher can discover valuable insights into the root cause of the behaviour, such as that the child is facing family issues. This understanding leads to a more effective interaction, emphasising support over immediate disciplining.

Pupils have the opportunity to complete real-time surveys on the pupil portal, addressing questions related to their wellbeing. The survey results are accessible for both students and staff to review and discuss, fostering a collaborative approach to addressing and enhancing student welfare.

Schools can gather and utilise comprehensive information about boarding students, such as their preferences, social connections, hobbies, habits, and more. This data creates a more personalised and holistic approach to student care.

Additionally, schools can promote student wellbeing and safeguarding with features such as mental health support, student and parent surveys, and safeguarding recording and notification. The system aids in coordinating individual education plans, covering objectives, required equipment, and the review process, ensuring a tailored and efficient approach to each student’s educational journey.

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