Does attendance management feel like a chore at your school? With the right tools, managing attendance becomes the foundation for better student outcomes, happier parents and more efficient administration.

SEQTA’s new Requested Absences feature saves time, improves student outcomes and better engages parents in a seamless end-to-end automated attendance process.

Unveiling the Power of Requested Absences

Happy engaged parents

SEQTA’s Requested Absences feature is a game changer for parents, providing a seamless experience for reporting student absence directly to the school. Whether it’s a sudden illness today or a family holiday 6 weeks from now, parents can let the schools know straight from SEQTA’s Engage parent app or web portal. This streamlined process eliminates the need for phone calls and emails and the manual follow up they require.

Reducing the admin burden

Attendance Administrators can save hours every week too. Straight-through processing from the App to SEQTA’s central attendance management record means staff can see all absence notifications in one place as soon as they are made – ending the need to compile, coordinate and follow-up parent messages each day. Your staff can then focus on unexplained absences and the students that most need their attention.

Data-driven insights in the classroom

Teachers can see absence notifications in real-time too – helping plan lessons and ensure the right student supports are in place. SEQTA’s Attendance workflows and rigorous data are right there on the screen, making it easier for teachers to reach out to absent students and ensure they stay current with the lessons they miss.

Align to your School Attendance Policy

More and more schools are shaping their attendance policy and rules to reflect the needs, language and priorities of their individual school communities. SEQTA’s attendance workflow and Requested Absences feature are designed for flexibility – aligning to each school’s particular language and policies through simple configuration. Schools can retain central control over absence reasons to ensure consistent data across their whole school and driving efficient reporting, compliance and data-driven analysis and insights. For schools working through their attendance policy framework, SEQTA’s attendance tool includes suggested categories including Sickness/Injury, Medical Appointment, Holiday, Bereavement and Other – with in-built comment boxes for additional detail.

Requested Absences School View 2

Attendance Matters

A recent paper from the Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) emphasises the link between strong student attendance and student achievement. Apart from the obvious point that it’s hard to learn when absent, SEQTA’s rigorous minute-by-minute attendance data reveals important trends around student needs and teacher effectiveness. These insights are critical in driving overall learning and well-being improvements. AITSL’s analysis aligns with a recent whitepaper from Education Horizons on the powerful connections between student learning and wellbeing – all built on the foundation of strong attendance management. As schools work to realise policy goals for education around the world, including those set out in the National School Funding Agreement, AITSL’s paper underscores the critical role that efficient and powerful attendance management and data capture play in this work.

Benefits and Value

Save hours of Admin work each week

Requested Absences streamlines the communication channel between parents and schools – saving hours of time each week for attendance officers and administrators. Seamless integration of parent-initiated notifications into SEQTA reduces manual data entry, minimising data errors and reducing time spent on internal reporting and external compliance.

Improve Student Learning and Wellbeing Outcomes

Real-time visibility of student whereabouts allows educators to anticipate support needs for absent students. SEQTA delivers a comprehensive view of past, current and future absences helping teachers identify student needs and plan curriculum delivery more efficiently and effectively. The Requested Absence feature works together with SEQTA’s overall attendance, wellbeing, teacher planning, learning, assessment and feedback tools to drive increasingly visible learning and student wellbeing across your school.

A happier, more engaged parent community

Easier notification of student absences is critical to effective parent communications at every school. SEQTA’s requested absence feature streamlines the whole process from the parent app straight-through to attendance officers, administrators and teachers. Reduced manual follow-up means that parents save time too – ensuring parent communications are focussed on the truly engaging aspects of each school community. A happier and more informed school community drives positive word of mouth, establishing a trusting foundation and helping build each school’s reputation.

Requested Absences Parent Portal View 1

By simplifying communication, enhancing administrative processes and aligning with national goals, SEQTA’s Requested Absences feature emerges as a cornerstone in the journey towards visible learning and student wellbeing. It makes the lives of parents, educators and administrators easier and contributes to the broader goal of fostering engaged and thriving school communities

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