Recognising diverse and non-binary gender identity creates a culture of inclusivity and respect and is vital for every school. School Management Systems must enable schools to acknowledge the gender diversity within their school community.

Expanded Gender selection was the first feature for the latest release of Synergetic – v70. This update enables schools to define and use the appropriate gender value throughout their entire community database.

Now every member of the school community, including staff, parents and students can have their gender recorded in a way that suits them.

What’s new in v70?

The development work to support gender diversity was completed in close consultation with our clients.
Nearly every part of Synergetic was touched as part of this development, including:

Gender Values

Other’ was added as an available gender value

Gender-neutral relationship definitions

Additional options to convey relationships for Child, Parent, Sibling

Gender-neutral pronouns

Adding gender-neutral pronouns to comments. When comments are copied and pasted from one student to another the correct pronoun is applied.

They, Them, Other, Person, Themself, Their


Synergetic’s extensive reporting was updated in line with the expanded gender options. Including:

  • Standard reporting
  • Custom reports
  • Crystal reports
  • SSRS

Synergetic Power BI Dashboards

  • Current Student dashboard
  • Future student dashboards
  • School enquiry dashboard
  • HR dashboard

Government and External System Mapping

Synergetic gender values can be mapped to external systems including commonwealth and state government bodies to enable accurate and efficient import and export of data. For example as required for payroll and superannuation, or ACARA.

More Information

Synergetic clients can find out all the details on Synergetic v70,new features, specifications, requirements and more on the Synergetic client wiki.

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