AssetWhere Community Maps makes it easy to have an up-to-date Visitor Maps of your school, plus special purpose maps for emergency services, sports fields, incidents, etc. The Visitors map outlines key location points important to visitors and will include your school logo and a legend for visitors to easily find buildings, parking and be location aware.

Once the Visitor’s Map is established, additional AssetWhere Community Maps can include:

  • Emergency Access and Fire Services Plan
  • Essential Services Shut-off locations
  • Sports Field Guide, with summer and winter layouts
  • Outdoor Education Sites

See video for more details.

School Experience

Read how Burnside High School used AssetWhere to create emergency evacuation and community map compliance in their school.

The Community Map is a fantastic tool for students, staff, emergency and trades services alike. For students, it gives a really good, comprehensive breakdown of where everything is in the school. We have incorporated the Community Map as a fold-out page in each new student’s diary, so they won’t get lost navigating their way around buildings and the large campus. The map has also been reproduced as a large wall map which is displayed on the exterior of the school’s main building.

Wally Lauder
Burnside High School Facilities Manager