The release of AssetWhere version 4.7 is in its initial phase, with first customers in User Acceptance Testing.

There are three new features for customers to understand in 4.7:

  1. Map Rotation and New Print Module
  2. Updated Services Icons
  3. Thematic Mapping by Room Function

These functionality improvements will make AssetWhere easier for schools to use, whether it’s printing maps or reading them.

The new map rotation feature helps when creating plans for the school or specific buildings. Users can now align the buildings in any direction they want, be it for a road-facing school overview, or a better view of a particular building.

Mathieu ApersOnboarding Manager, Property and Location

Map Rotation and New Print Module

AssetWhere users can now rotate the map to any angle they like, enabling better printouts and outputs. Simply zoom to the area you want to see and hit the PRINT button. In the Print Setup panel on the right, you can add in a title, notes and legend as normal, but you will now also see a rotation slider bar.

Slide the rotation bar to the right or left to rotate the map to the angle you want.

Schools can choose from one of four different outputs – the standard pdf, or you can now also select from gif, jpg or png outputs.

Updated Services Icons

In AssetWhere we have also modernised the services point and line styles, making their functions clearer with new icons. These icons make the maps easier to read, you can check out some of our new icons in the legend below:

Thematic Mapping by Room Function

AssetWhere now has new thematic mapping functionality. You can now use colour coded shading to highlight different room functions for school buildings. These shaded maps of schools by room function are very valuable when doing accommodation reviews in relation for future term or future year planning.