SEQTA from Education Horizons, the learning and wellbeing platform, empowers students to take ownership of their learning and maintain regular communication with their teachers through the SEQTA Learn portal.

SEQTA Learn is the ultimate student portal, giving students 24/7 access to all the information and educational resources required for school. SEQTA Learn is accessible on any device on a web browser or via our free app, available in the Apple Store or Google Play Store. It is customisable so the welcome page opens on your school portal or your favourite learning resource.

Within SEQTA Learn, students can easily access their timetable, any current, future or past lesson information and assessments their teacher has made visible to them, including any rubrics created by their teachers that provide students with a clear understanding of what success looks like.
Students can outline their expectations for either formative or summative assessment tasks before attempting them, giving teachers critical information about the standard they aim for.

Teachers can release feedback to their students before marks, allowing them to reflect on their progress independently of their final mark or grade. They can then comment on this feedback and document their next learning steps.

This continuous reporting process ensures that students receive targeted and timely feedback, allowing them to understand how they’re going, where they’re going, and where to go next.

From the SEQTA Learn dashboard, students can:

  • Review homework from today’s lessons and other outstanding tasks
  • Be alerted, through notifications, to newly released feedback, grades, assessments, direct messages, school notices, and more
  • Access forums that allow students to collaborate and share ideas with their classmates in a range of teacher-moderated online learning communities
  • Directly communicate with their teachers in a safe and secure environment

SEQTA Learn empowers students to take responsibility for their school experience both in school and through remote learning.

seqta learn screens on mobile

SEQTA’s mobile apps provide users a more convenient and secure way to access and use the SEQTA Learn software on mobile devices. Functionality includes:

  • Push notifications: never miss a thing; receive push notifications whenever there’s something you need to know about
  • Hassle-free authentication: login by scanning or tapping a secure code, no username or password required
  • Fingerprint security: enable fingerprint locking to ensure that only you can access the app
  • View upcoming assessments and submit work
  • View marked assessments and teacher feedback
  • View and search courses, lessons and timetable
  • Take notes and make task lists
  • View pastoral care / wellbeing information
  • Tracking upcoming homework
  • View unresolved absences
  • Send and receive direct messages
  • Interact with students, teachers, and parents in forums
  • View relevant school notices
  • Access academic reports

…and much more!

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