SEQTA from Education Horizons is a visible learning and wellbeing platform that provides teachers with powerful tools to enhance their impact on student learning. 

One of its many user-friendly features is the customisable rubrics within SEQTA Teach. Rubrics are essential tools for educators, providing a clear way to evaluate student performance and assess their progress. However, traditional rubrics can be limiting, with fixed rows, columns, and prescriptive descriptors. SEQTA has revolutionised how rubrics are created, offering a flexible approach that helps teachers and students. 

One of the key features of SEQTA’s rubrics is the ability to customise the number of descriptors in each line. This allows teachers to create rubrics that are tailored to the specific needs of their assignments and classes, making them more effective and useful. SEQTA’s library system for rubrics allows teachers to share and reuse rubrics and rubric fragments across the entire school, fostering collaboration and improving student outcomes. 

The flexibility of SEQTA’s rubrics means that teachers can choose whether to use a fixed or flexible layout and can customise the number of rows and columns for each criterion. This allows for a wide range of options when creating rubrics, from pure grades-based to only points-based. 

Another important aspect of SEQTA’s rubrics is that they are easy to use, streamlining the process of creating and using rubrics so that teachers can focus on teaching. This is especially important as teachers already have a large workload, and SEQTA’s rubrics are designed to minimise the impact on typically always busy days.  

SEQTA’s rubrics offer a powerful, flexible and collaborative approach to marking assessments. They are easy to use, customisable, and foster collaboration across the school. This helps teachers to focus on teaching and improves student outcomes, making SEQTA’s rubrics a valuable addition to any educator’s learning management system. 

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