SEQTA from Education Horizons is the innovative visible learning and wellbeing platform that allows both teachers and students to monitor and document learning progress in real time.

With SEQTA teachers can easily monitor a student’s learning progress and document your observations into the marksbook. Set up a group that’s weighted at zero, so it will never be included in the reporting section and you can easily make your anecdotal assessment observations. This way you can monitor your students learning progress and provide them with actionable feedback.

SEQTA Learn also allows students to document their own learning progress through SEQTA WISP assessments, making it easy for them to track their own progress and take ownership of their learning. For longer term projects students can use ePortfolios, student goals and other areas within the SEQTA Learn portal to document their learning progress.

When it comes to reporting SEQTA’s reporting functionality is user friendly, accessible to everyone. teachers are able to put information into the system at a time that suits them, making it more efficient and giving the teachers a sense of independence.

By continuously observing, annotating and documenting you eliminate the need for report comments that are often difficult for students to understand. Instead, students are receiving timely and specific feedback that’s related to their individual tasks, making it much more actionable from a child’s perspective.

SEQTA is designed to make teaching and learning more efficient and effective. Schools can easily monitor and document student’s learning progressions, provide them with timely and specific feedback and eliminate the need for useless report comments. Book a demo today and see the difference it can make in your classroom!