SEQTA is underpinned by a robust collaborative infrastructure that facilitates teachers working together to design, plan and deliver the programme.

How SEQTA supports the teacher planning processes

Schools can maximize the expertise and strengths of individual teachers whilst at the same time reducing teacher workloads with these shared programmes, providing a seamless digital workflow.

This sharing concept allows a single programme to be attached to multiple classes at the same time as the students are all taking the same course or subject and form a statistical cohort.

Individual teachers can still set different homework, reorder lessons, create new lessons etc so the sharing concept has huge benefits for schools as they work to streamline workflows, reduce teacher workload, and build a significant level of collaborative advantage.

There are also several tools within the system that support the teacher planning process

These include:

Syllabus Warehouse

The next step in the planning process is to analyse the relevant curriculum standards and content descriptors. This is a critical step as it ensures that teachers are teaching to the required curriculum standard.

SEQTA has a syllabus management component where schools can access relevant syllabus from curriculum authorities and install and activate syllabus as required. There are is an extensive selection of syllabus sets from various Australian state-based curricula (e.g., VET, VCE, SACE, SCASA) to International (e.g., International Baccalaureate) available from the warehouse.

Schools that have created their own custom syllabus can also add this to the syllabus warehouse for their teachers to use.

Watch our video to see how the syllabus warehouse works in SEQTA.

Individualised Learning Tool

The individualised learning tool enables teachers to create and deliver engaging individualised learning; track individual student progress; provide just in time 1 on 1 feedback; ask students’ questions, track their responses, and view each student’s entire learning pathway.

This diagnostic tool enables teachers to easily diagnose and identify the knowledge, understandings, and skills that students are bringing to the learning.

The tool enables teachers to ask students questions and diagnose what they are bringing to the learning to determine their planning starting point.


Planner/Online Lessons

For schools that don’t want to adopt a unit planning process, there is the planner and online lessons component which provides an area for teachers to design and document their lessons, add resources, syllabus links, essential learning, and homework etc.


Unit Planner

For schools that opt to adopt a consistent planning system, SEQTA’s unit planner enables teachers to plan and document how they will differentiate the written, taught, and assessed curriculum to meet the needs of students.

At the conclusion of a unit, teachers can also add their reflections, identifying what worked and what they would change and include in future units.



Finally, teachers design the assessments to identify students’ level of knowledge, understanding, and skill development across a series of lessons or unit of work. SEQTA’s feedback tools then make it simple to provide both summative and formative feedback to support student learning.

Benefits of the Teacher Planning Tools in SEQTA

  • provides transparency to the teaching and learning process
  • provides visibility to all teacher planning and facilitates quality control so schools can embed best-practice pedagogy
  • ensures that all teachers have an overview of students’ learning experiences
  • provides a structure to foster teacher collaboration and sharing
  • reduces teacher workloads by providing a seamless digital teacher workflow
  • easily track the syllabus coverage to identify gaps and reflect on the vertical and horizontal articulation of the written curriculum


While these individual tools provide great value, using them together in a system-wide approach amplifies their value and impact on classroom pedagogy and workflows.