Astra Academy International School in Bangkok, Thailand opened as a completely new school in October 2021. It progressed gradually due to health restrictions but now has around 80 students from Year 1 to Year 10 studying the English National Curriculum. Over the next three years, planned growth will take it to approximately 500 students, expanding into Years 11 – 13.

Students walking inside Astra Academy

The challenge

Astra Academy International School’s wanted to ensure it had the right school solution from the start to support it through opening and growth. Launching a new educational facility is never easy, as Head of School, David Wakefield, knows all too well, having opened several schools in his career.

The new school decided to set up from the outset by implementing a fit-for-purpose Student Information System (SIS) rather than using spreadsheets. It was the ideal time to implement the system while they had a low number of students and then develop their use of it as the school grew.

The solution

The school implemented Education Horizons’ Zunia student information system as the ideal platform to establish its foundations and provide for sustainable growth.

Zunia is a cloud-native solution hosted on the AWS platform, offering the highest levels of security for the school’s data. Zunia can be accessed on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Zunia offers one platform that manages all student data in one place, so the school has a single source of truth to provide accurate, up-to-date data.

I wanted to get a management system in place whilst we were still small so my team could develop and learn as we grow with the system.

David Wakefield
Head of School
Astra Academy International School, Bangkok, Thailand

The results

Having previously used other student information and school management systems, David knew he wanted a school software platform that was easy to use, simple to understand, and capable of growing with the school. A particularly important feature was the ability to update student records instantly in one central place.

The teachers are happy to be using Zunia to mark class attendance. They have found that it’s easy to manage a single student or group of students quickly and saves valuable admin time compared to using spreadsheets at their previous schools.

Zunia is great because it’s relatively simple to use and growing, with new features being rolled out all the time.

David Wakefield
Head of School
Astra Academy International School, Bangkok, Thailand

Astra Academy Head of School David Wakefield (left) with model of the academy

Focus on student wellbeing

David is focused on student wellbeing as a priority in his school, documenting the negative issues and positive wellbeing interactions. Zunia captures wellbeing observation notes, creating flags for follow-up and defining categories.

The school has customised and expanded its wellbeing categories to include awarding house points, commendations and star of the week certificates, with staff being encouraged to look at both sides of student wellbeing, all captured and reported in Zunia.

The wellbeing notes in Zunia make it easy for teachers to record both the negative and positive activity about the student. I feel it’s important for my teachers to have notes on both of those areas and flag any issues for follow up.

David Wakefield
Head of School
Astra Academy International School, Bangkok, Thailand

Implementation supported by Education Horizon’s experienced school software team

Astra Academy International School has been delighted with the ongoing support from the Education Horizons onboarding and support teams and found that it didn’t need any dedicated IT staff to be able to implement and manage Zunia, which is fully hosted in the cloud on secure AWS infrastructure.

Education Horizons provides every school with a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) at no cost. The CSM offers continuous support and assistance to ensure the school can effectively utilise its school management system. Astra has recently welcomed a new IT teacher to its staff, one year after opening. The school’s CSM has been assisting with the training process, ensuring that new teachers are quickly up to speed with Zunia.

One of the big reasons why we selected Zunia was the support we received from the team and how good they are. They respond very quickly and keep me updated. I feel there is great ongoing support from Education Horizons and we appreciate it.

David Wakefield
Head of School
Astra Academy International School, Bangkok, Thailand

Astra Academy students by stairway

Why choose Zunia

Zunia, our intuitive, cloud-native, information platform, makes running your school a dream:

  • Manage the whole of your community with Zunia’s industry-leading relationship database
  • Safely capture, access, communicate and report your essential student, staff and family information
  • Benefit from a single student information platform driving school management, finance, student wellbeing and learning
  • Utilise Zunia’s innovative data mapping tool that helps you generate and submit essential reports quickly
  • Intuitive, flexible Marksbook lets you easily capture learning progress
  • School fees and charges management – manage complex family payment plans
  • Communicate with ease using direct two-way parent communication