Beaconhills College in Victoria, Australia is an open-entry, co-educational college offering holistic education opportunities from Early Learning to Year 12. Established in 1982 in Pakenham, it began with 34 students and has grown to have a community of approximately 3500 students and 500 staff across two campuses and six hectares of land.

The college has successfully implemented AssetWhere, and AssetWhere FM and utilised Data Management Services (DMS) to access technical and consulting expertise. This enables it to manage its property information proactively. By partnering with Education Horizons, the school ensures its property management system is always up-to-date, accurate and effective.

Beaconshill College external view

Adding AssetWhere FM to create a single full circle system for assets and school facilities management

AssetWhere from Education Horizons is a cloud-based property information platform that creates a digital twin of the school’s assets accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device.

AssetWhere helps schools easily visualise, plan, and manage their property and asset risk with digital twin and facilities management tools. This school-focused property information platform lets you visualise every detail of your buildings, rooms, services, assets, and grounds in user-friendly maps. This enables schools to make informed decisions.

Beaconhills College has employed AssetWhere for more than 10 years. In 2021 they chose to add AssetWhere Facilities Management (FM), also known as myBuildings, to create one full circle system for assets and facilities management.

AssetWhere is a necessity, for every school. It provides everything needed to locate rooms, assets, pipes, fire extinguishers and more with information available at the click of a button. It’s invaluable for school development, security and safety and AssetWhere is an amazing foundation block to build upon with AssetWhere FM.

Jesie Montgomery
Property Manager Assistant
Beaconhills College, Australia

School contractor management made easy

AssetWhere FM enables schools to view and manage their property information more easily. This includes the ability to communicate with contractors, which reduces email trails and unanswered job requests. AssetWhere FM allows contractors to sign in, add notes to a job and mark it as complete while the Property Manager is provided with continuous updates.

Beaconhills College has found AssetWhere FM very user-friendly, with new starters able to understand the system and issue maintenance jobs within days of joining the department.

AssetWhere FM creates efficiency and saves time and money beyond expectations. It’s ease of use allows new staff to quickly learn and become proficient in issuing and logging jobs to contractors.

Jesie Montgomery
Property Manager Assistant
Beaconhills College, Australia

Beaconhills Fireside Chat video interview

A safe, well-maintained school environment is conducive to learning

Maintaining the school grounds is a crucial activity for Beaconhills College because its philosophy is that the environment serves as the second teacher for the students.

A safe school environment is conducive to learning; poorly maintained grounds can negatively impact the students’ attitudes towards their education and overall wellbeing. By having visible control of its assets and ensuring the facilities are well maintained, Beaconhills College can provide an environment that inspires and supports the growth and development of its students.

One of the things our school believes is that the environment is the second teacher. We strive to make sure the environment is at a standard that nurtures and promotes student wellbeing. We appreciate AssetWhere FM, it truly makes a difference because it gives us the power to manage and maintain our school environment for our students.

Jesie Montgomery
Property Manager Assistant
Beaconhills College, Australia

Aerial view of the whole Beaconhills College site

Efficiency for school Data Management Services

AssetWhere Data Management Services (DMS) is a subscription service that provides schools with technical and consulting expertise to proactively manage additions, enhancements, and changes to its database information.

Beaconhills College also uses the DMS to create efficiency and save time within its property management department. With this pre-budgeted service, Beaconhills College eliminates the need to undergo a lengthy approval process to update its assets and facilities plans in AssetWhere.

The DMS means schools like Beaconhills College no longer need to worry about adding new buildings or assets to their plans. They can email the DMS team at any time and have the latest information scheduled for the future or actioned immediately, providing peace of mind that property plans are accurate, improving campus health and safety.

The Data Management Service (DMS) is the most efficient service! It is invaluable – I love it, it’s like having my own little helper for AssetWhere and AssetWhere FM. It saves having to get quote approval and go back and forth in a consultation process – I can have my plans updated quickly and it provides access to any training I need.

Jesie Montgomery
Property Manager Assistant
Beaconhills College, Australia

Entrance to Little Beacons at Beaconhills College

Beaconhills’ partnership with Education Horizons and AssetWhere

Beaconhills College has been partnering with Education Horizons for over a decade and trusts that they benefit most from their property management systems by working closely together through the Data Management Service.

We really value our partnership with Education Horizons. I know that the AssetWhere team understands our needs and layouts and updates are made quickly and to a high quality. AssetWhere and AssetWhere FM truly make a difference in managing our schools’ assets. I’ve really come to appreciate these programs and believe they’re incredibly important for schools to have.

Jesie Montgomery
Property Manager Assistant
Beaconhills College, Australia

Why choose AssetWhere

AssetWhere is the property information platform that gives schools confidence. Easily visualise, plan and manage your property and asset risk with AssetWhere’s digital twin and facilities management tools.

  • Visualise every detail of your buildings, rooms, services, assets and grounds at the click of a button
  • Manage risk and get the most out of your school facilities
  • Provide your team with the confidence and information they need to pre-empt and safely manage property, asset and facilities challenges in real time
  • Co-ordinate internal and external facilities management teams working on-site at the click of a button – to keep your school performing at the highest level
  • Understand your asset lifecycle – so you can plan for the long-term with confidence
  • Manage risk and compliance – create up-to-date visitors map, evacuation diagrams, emergency access, flood maps and community maps and more to help people remain safe while on the school campus
  • Send work requests to your contractors via the AssetWhere FM app – including full asset history and work instructions in one place
  • Manage induction, certification and site access for contractors via the AssetWhere FM check-in app