Hensman Street Elementary is a child led play-based education setting with playgroup, pre-kindergarten and pre-primary to year 3 based in Perth, Western Australia that has been operating since 1977.

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The challenge

Outdated data management systems causing data loss and frustration

One of the primary challenges faced by Hensman Street Elementary School was an outdated and inefficient data management system. Previously the school had relied upon Excel spreadsheets that had become prone to corruption and data loss; their initial attempt at implementing a school management system fell short of their expectations, causing frustration amongst the teachers and rendering the system unused and obsolete. Additionally, the school needed a software solution to meet their needs within their budget.

Our outdated system was holding us back – we needed a solution that would meet our needs. It was a challenge, but we were determined to find the right software to streamline our processes and empower our teachers

Tanya Steers
Hensman Street Elementary School, Australia

The solution

Implementing Zunia for real-time data accessibility and saving teacher time

As a small school without an IT department and on-site servers, Hensman Street Elementary sought an EdTech solution that was cloud based and would address their data management challenges effectively.

Zunia from Education Horizons, the next-generation student information system, was highlighted as a leading software solution, hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) that offered one platform for all their data as well as the flexibility and ease of use the school was looking for.

The staff quickly embraced Zunia due to its user-friendly interface, compatibility with their devices and the ability to access Zunia on the go from any device at any time (even from home!). The software allowed them to track and manage behavioural observations reducing the reliance on a time-consuming paper-based system, thus saving valuable teacher time. With real-time data accessibility in the one platform, the administration team can provide timely support and streamline their processes without the need for costly IT support

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Zunia has made our lives easier by saving time and reducing manual steps. It’s reliable, accurate and streamlines our administrative tasks, giving us more time for teaching!

Tanya Steers
Hensman Street Elementary School, Australia

The results

Empowering teachers with accurate data and improved parent engagement

Since implementing Zunia, the school has experienced remarkable improvements including greater trust in the accuracy and currency of its data. The system’s user-friendly interface and real-time data access have empowered teachers to effortlessly input and access behavioural and wellbeing observations, providing immediate actionable insights for the staff, improving the support of their students’ wellbeing.

Zunia’s streamlined attendance tracking has eliminated manual data entry, significantly reducing errors and improving accuracy.

Parent engagement has improved with the communication between the school and parents becoming smoother, thanks to the direct in system emailing and SMS functionality. The school also plans to leverage future features, such as the parent portal, to foster greater parent inclusion and engagement.

Having all of the data in one secure and accessible place has been a game-changer for our school. It has revolutionised our efficiency, empowered our teachers and enhanced communication with parents

Tanya Steers
Hensman Street Elementary School, Australia

Fireside chat with Tanya Steers

Cloud native for a future-proofed school

By choosing a cloud native student information system Hensman Street Elementary are benefiting from:

  • the ability to access the data in real time from anywhere, at anytime on any device
  • the highest security standards that AWS hosting provides
  • updates that happen in real time so teachers, students and parents can stay up to date with the latest information
  • microservices architecture that makes growing with Zunia quick and easy
  • scalability to accommodate changes in user activity or the growth of your user base
  • regular cloud backups to ensure quick restoration of the system in case of disaster with users experiencing minimal disruption and preventing data loss

By leveraging Zunia, Hensman Street Elementary School has laid a strong foundation for a future-proofed student information management system that meets the needs of today and tomorrow.

Zunia’s cloud native platform has transformed the way we manage our school’s information. With secure access to data from anywhere, our staff can be flexible and efficiently support our students’ needs, whether it’s contacting parents or accessing crucial information about our school community

Tanya Steers
Hensman Street Elementary School, Australia

Ongoing support

Hensman Street Elementary greatly values the support provided by the Education Horizons team and the support team. From swiftly addressing technical glitches to patiently tackling more complex issues, the support team has consistently gone above and beyond in helping the school navigate their challenges and achieve their goals with confidence.

Being able to send a query to the support team has been invaluable. They have been responsive and provided excellent support ensuring that they kept us informed about the progress of our support case

Tanya Steers
Hensman Street Elementary School, Australia

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Why choose Zunia

Zunia makes running your school a dream with our intuitive, cloud-native, information platform.

  • Industry-leading relationship database at the heart of Zunia that manages the whole of your community
  • Safely capture, access, communicate and report your essential student, staff and family information
  • One student information platform driving school management, finance, student wellbeing and learning
  • Zunia’s innovative data mapping tool helps you generate and submit essential reports quickly
  • Intuitive, flexible Marksbook lets you easily capture learning progress
  • School fees and charges management
  • Manage complex family payment plans
  • Communicate with ease with direct two-way parent communication