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Effortlessly organise and manage your academic timetable, streamline resource allocation, and enhance communication with Engage classroom scheduling system software.

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Engage from Education Horizons is honoured to support the Middle East’s leading schools including:

Engage incorporates classroom scheduling system into the software as a user-friendly solution that streamlines academic scheduling, resource allocation and communication within schools. With its intuitive interface, it simplifies course planning, provides real-time updates on room availability and enhances overall operational efficiency, creating a more organised and collaborative learning environment.

How does it work?

Engage school management system incorporates student performance tracking seamlessly within the software to capture and analyse student progress. This user-friendly tool allows educators to track individual pupils over time, presenting data through graphs and tables exportable to Excel. It effortlessly integrates external assessment data, providing a holistic view of student performance. With tracking points, Engage auto-populates target grades for the year, streamlining goal-setting. The system’s traffic lighting feature intuitively highlights areas of concern or success, enabling educators to swiftly address specific learning needs and take action to help support students.

What are the benefits of Engage classroom scheduling system software for schools?

Engage Efficient Timetable Creation

Efficient timetable creation

Engage class scheduling software simplifies the process of creating timetables, offering users the flexibility to generate schedules automatically or customise them manually. This feature streamlines the often complex task of organising class schedules, saving time and ensuring a more efficient allocation of resources.

Comprehensive printing options

Engage provides users with comprehensive printing options, allowing them to easily generate and distribute Year Group, Staff, Pupil and Room timetables. This not only facilitates access to crucial scheduling information but also promotes effective communication and coordination among staff, students and other stakeholders.

Engage Comprehsive Printing Options
Engage OCR Technology

Real-time accessibility

Timetables are instantly accessible on Staff, Student and Parent Portals with Engage class scheduling software. This real-time accessibility enhances communication and transparency within the educational community, providing stakeholders with up-to-date information on class schedules and activities.

Customisable structures

Independent and private schools using Engage have the flexibility to create different timetable structures tailored to the unique needs of each Year Group. This customisable approach ensures that scheduling aligns with specific educational requirements and preferences, accommodating diverse academic scenarios.

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Engage Flexible Schedule Durations

Flexible schedule durations

Engage accommodates both 1 and 2 week timetables, offering flexibility to educational institutions with varying scheduling needs. This adaptability allows schools to tailor their schedules to fit specific academic models of curriculum requirements.

External timetable integration

Engage supports the import of external timetables, ensuring seamless integration with existing scheduling systems. This feature promotes compatibility and adaptability, allowing schools to transition smoothly to the Engage platform without disrupting established workflows.

Engage External Timetable Integration
Engage Efficient Break Duty Management

Efficient break duty management

Engage streamlines break duty management, providing schools with a systematic approach to organise and oversee staff responsibilities during breaks. This efficiency ensures a smooth flow of activities even during non-instructional periods.

Engage transforms raw data into visually accessible insights, allowing educators to interpret complex information quickly and make informed decisions about teaching strategies.

Staff cover assignment

Engage facilitates the assignment of staff cover, ensuring continuity in educational activities in the absence of regular staff members. This feature helps schools maintain operational stability and delivers a consistent learning experience for students.

Engage Staff Cover Assignment
Engage Quick Resource Location

Quick resource location

Engage enables users to quickly find free staff, available rooms and locate pupils, optimising resource utilisation and minimising scheduling conflicts. This efficiency contributes to a more organised and smoothly run educational environment.

IT support available

Engage offers reliable IT support to assist users with any technical issues or questions they may encounter while using the software, ensuring a seamless experience and maximising productivity. Engage schools are also assigned a dedicated Customer Support Manager (CSM) to ensure they are getting the most from their system.

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Engage’s classroom scheduling system software provides a comprehensive solution for educational institutions, offering: 

  • Efficient timetable creation
  • Real-time accessibility
  • Customisable structures
  • Flexible scheduling options. 


With features such as comprehensive printing, external timetable integration and efficient management of break duties and staff cover assignments, Engage enhances operational efficiency and contributes to a well-organised and productive learning environment.

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